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Google Validates Need for Call Tracking with Website Call Conversions for AdWords Tool


Today Google announced Website Call Conversions a new tool that will enable AdWords advertisers to use Google forwarding numbers to track call conversions that come after a user visits a web site from a Google paid search ad. Previously Google only tracked web form conversions and calls that came directly from mobile search ads.

Having a company like Google provide this service further validates what our thousands of active customers already know: calls really are the new clicks. Study after study has confirmed that inbound phone calls are indeed the most lucrative and valuable lead type. They are the leads sales teams want most, and the leads marketers most need to generate, because they are the leads most likely to convert to revenue.

If you are running Google AdWords campaigns, you should absolutely track calls back to the keywords, ads, and campaigns that drive them. You simply cannot optimize conversions and ROI from Google paid search without it.

But what’s true for Google AdWords is also true for all your marketing. Think about the different ways you drive web and call conversions. Google AdWords might be an important part of your marketing mix, but what about things like SEO and website optimization? Or ad campaigns on other search engines like Bing? It’s just as important to attribute phone calls back to those sources to optimize their ROI.

And what about other digital marketing channels such as display ads, email, videos, content, and social marketing like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Or offline marketing such as direct mail, TV, radio, print, collateral, and trade shows? Tracking phone leads back to every marketing source has become an indispensable part of proving and improving marketing’s impact on leads, sales, and a business’s bottom line.

One Solution That Works for All Your Marketing

And that’s why call tracking and voice-based marketing automation solutions like DialogTech can be so valuable to marketers and agencies. We give you one solution that tracks all your marketing – online, mobile, and offline – including Google AdWords, so you can optimize lead generation across every channel.

What’s more, DialogTech’s data integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce, so you can track each phone lead through the sales cycle to revenue. That means that you can generate reports not only on what marketing sources are generating leads, but also sales opportunities and revenue. You can then optimize campaigns and marketing spend based on what’s really impacting the business, not just driving calls.

Controlling What Happens During the Call Is Critical to Optimizing ROI

Tracking calls back to the right marketing source is an important first step. But savvy marketers know that it is what happens during the call that can make or break a campaign’s ROI. And that’s why what’s truly unique about DialogTech are the tools and technologies we provide beyond call tracking that work the moment a call comes in, including:

  • Call filtering tools that automatically qualify callers, provide self-help options, and weed out calls that shouldn’t go to sales agents
  • Call routing tools that maximize a phone leads’ chances of converting to revenue by routing each call optimally based on criteria such as marketing source, the caller’s geographic location, time/day of call, and more
  • Call scoring tools that automatically measure a phone lead’s quality based on the actual words spoken during the call
  • Call management tools that enable businesses to maintain a professional virtual call center where agents can field and make calls while working from anywhere on any phone device
  • Built-in integrations with other marketing and sales applications like CRM, bid management, website optimization, and marketing automation so that they can leverage call analytics to drive more call conversions and eliminate the blind spot in their reporting

If you have any questions about Google’s call conversions tool, please send us an email at contact@ifbyphone.com. And if you would like to learn more about the benefits of voice-based marketing automation, you can request a personal demo of DialogTech.