Hosted IVR Solution for Marketing, Sales, and Support

A real-time IVR solution that works with any phone system – enabling marketers to pre-qualify and route customer calls

Sophisticated Cloud IVR Solution for Marketing, Sales, and Support

Qualify, assist, and survey callers automatically using sophisticated, easy-to-use hosted IVR (interactive voice response) software technology. Create and edit IVRs in real time without involving IT or other internal departments. DialogTech’s solutions are built specifically for marketing, sales, and support teams to use themselves and work with any phone system.

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Build and Update Your Own Cloud-Based IVRs in Minutes

Part of DialogTech’s Voice360 platform, the hosted IVR (interactive voice response) software enables marketing, sales, and support teams to build and update their own cloud-based IVR applications in minutes –– no IT programmers needed. It works with any phone system. IVR phone menus are ideal for qualifying and routing callers, conducting surveys, answering routine questions and assisting callers, and much more.

Key Features of Hosted IVR

  • Instant IVR setup with easy visual IVR designer
    Quickly create and modify sophisticated interactive voice response applications that normally take weeks to develop with other platforms. Configuring your IVR from the web is as easy as filling out a form.
  • Everything you need on one simple web page
    DialogTech’s simple, clean interactive voice response interface guides you logically through the IVR configuration process. All necessary IVR elements and options are presented on a single web page in logical order. Simply expand and collapse each section to configure the IVR to your exact specifications.
  • Jumpstart new projects with best practice templates
    DialogTech provides templates that save you time by pre-populating settings and scripts based on best practices. Simply make your edits, and you’re ready to go.
  • Move IVRs from one account to another
    If you build IVRs for different clients, save time on new projects by importing them from one account into another.
  • Voice-to-text IVR transcription software
    Want to ask open-ended questions? Use transcription to transcribe caller responses into text.
  • IVR speech recognition
    Enable callers to respond to options with speech as well as their touchpad.
  • Answering machine and human detection Configure outbound IVR calls to leave a custom message if the call gets sent to a voice mailbox or answering machine.
  • Intelligent call routing
    Customize inbound IVRs to route callers using a wide variety of options, including the caller’s geography, product interest, time of call, and much more.
  • IVR API integration with your applications
    Setting up an IVR to prompt a customer for their customer ID, post the ID back to your web server, and look up your customer’s order status are just a few of the features you can control.

Use an IVR Auto-Attendant to Cut Costs and Improve Customer Service

Set up your own IVR auto-attendant to answer incoming calls, route callers using interactive phone menus, and provide info like account balances or business hours. IVR auto-attendants can replace live receptionists, helping your business cut costs and provide 24/7 customer service.

Conduct Automated Phone Surveys

Conduct automated IVR phone surveys, market research, and lead generation campaigns over the phone using interactive voice response technology. IVR phone surveys routinely get superior response rates to email surveys. With DialogTech it’s easy to set up and deliver outbound IVR phone surveys, or set up a hotline customers and leads can call to interact with your inbound IVR survey.

Automatically Qualify Phone Leads before Passing to Sales

Marketers, don’t waste your sales team’s time by having them field incoming calls from leads that aren’t sales-ready. Filter calls automatically using interactive voice response. The IVR can answer calls and ask questions you determine work best to qualify them. Leads that score high enough are passed directly to sales for an immediate conversation.