Prove and improve how your marketing drives calls and sales from every channel – digital, mobile, and offline.

Track Phone Calls Back to Digital Marketing with SourceTrak™ Call Tracking Software

Track phone calls back to specific ads, keyword searches, web pages, social media and digital ads, mobile, and offline campaigns with SourceTrak call tracking software from DialogTech. Capture complete session-based data on every call, including the caller’s activity on your website, for insights into what content converts visitors to phone leads.

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Prove and Improve Marketing ROI with Call Tracking Software

Thanks to the rise in smartphone adoption and mobile search, U.S. businesses are getting billions of sales calls each month. And those calls convert to revenue 10 times more than web leads. If you can’t track phone leads back to their source to see what’s working, your marketing and sales will suffer. That’s why leading businesses and agencies rely on DialogTech’s SourceTrak call tracking software to pinpoint which ads, search keywords, content, web pages, and campaigns are generating phone calls, opportunities, and revenue –– and which aren’t –– so they can make improvements that maximize ROI.

What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software allows marketers to attribute offline phone call conversions to the marketing source that drove them. It works whether the lead calls right from the ad or content (such as with AdWords call extensions or direct mail pieces) or visited your website first before calling. 

Businesses where calls play an important role in the customer journey rely on DialogTech’s call tracking solution to measure and optimize calls from their marketing. It works in two ways:

  • Unique Trackable Phone Numbers: DialogTech generates trackable phone numbers you can use into your offline ads, content, direct mail, and other marketing to see how effective each source is at generating calls to your business.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI): To track callers from your website, DialogTech’s SourceTrak uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) code that can be easily placed on your site. The DNI code changes the phone numbers on your website with trackable phone numbers (local, international, or toll-free) based on the visitor and how they found you. When the visitor calls, all the amazing data on what drove each of their visits and their activity in each of their website sessions is connected to the call.

The Richest Keyword-Level Call Tracking Data Using the Fewest Numbers

The industry standard in call tracking, DialogTech provides marketers with the richest data available on every call and caller. And it does it for less, with its dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology requiring the fewest phone numbers for tracking online and mobile sources. 

  • Marketing source that drove the call: DialogTech captures the complete marketing source that drove each call, including the marketing channel, ad variation and placement, keyword search, email, campaign, content, and much more. It works for any marketing channel: digital, offline, and mobile.
  • The caller’s path through your website: You can see each caller’s history with your website, including what drove them to your site, the entry page, all the content they viewed (and for how long), the page they eventually called from, and their interaction with your site after the call.
  • Insightful caller profile data: DialogTech captures who the caller is, their phone number, their geographic location, the day and time of the call, their browser and OS, and much more.
  • Multi-touch attribution: If a website visitor comes to your site from one digital source (such as a display ad) but does not call, then returns to the site directly a few days later and places a call, DialogTech recognizes the visitor is the same person and attributes the original display ad source information to that call.

Key Features of Call Tracking Software

Dynamically display trackable phone numbers on your website
Track calls from your site back to online and mobile sources, including Google and Bing paid search ads, display ads, SEO, social media, video, and email campaigns using dynamic phone number insertion.

Single and multiple phone number rotation and session-level tracking
Whether you display one main phone number on your website or thousands for all your locations nationwide, DialogTech’s SourceTrak application can dynamically replace all your phone numbers and continue to provide in-depth, efficient, user-level tracking for each.

Easily implement call tracking with custom URL tags and tag management support

  • SourceTrak utilizes asynchronous JavaScript code that may be implemented throughout your website using common tag management software such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium, and Signal.
  • You never have to edit your ad URLs to implement SourceTrak call tracking. SourceTrak offers a unique custom URL tag functionality that allows DialogTech to dynamically display phone numbers based on any URL tag you already have (such as Google’s “gclid” or a bid management tag).

Drive more calls and sales from your Google AdWords “call” buttons

  • DialogTech provides keyword-level attribution for Google call extensions and call-only ads.
  • Record calls and acquire name and address information for calls made to Google forwarding numbers.
  • Automatically route each caller to the best location or agent to convert more calls to sales.

Consistent call attribution with cross-domain and subdomain tracking
Other call tracking vendors may lose attribution if a visitor were to migrate across multiple domains or subdomains. SourceTrak can consistently track visitors across these paths and attribute their calls to the original marketing source.

Integrate DialogTech Call Tracking Data With the Platforms You Use Today

Optimize spend by integrating call data into bid management

  • Truly identify the ROI from keywords and campaigns managed within bid management platforms like DoubleClick, Adobe Media Optimizer, Marin, Kenshoo, and Acquisio
  • Discover your actual cost-per-conversion by adding offline phone calls to your total conversions

Include call tracking software data in your A/B tests with Optimizely
Gauge which messaging, ad concepts, or landing page versions work best by measuring which variation generates the most calls.

Track phone leads through the sales cycle with Salesforce and CRM integration
Understand which marketing campaigns generate not only inbound calls but opportunities and revenue by integrating SourceTrak data with Salesforce or other CRM tools.

Integrate call data with premium analytics platforms

  • View your call tracking data directly in Google Analytics and Universal Analytics alongside your web and offline data. Include phone call conversion data in your Google AdWords conversion reports.
  • Attribute phone calls to Adobe Analytics user data and imported campaigns from Adobe Media Optimizer and AdWords. Discover what online pages and events led to the offline action of a phone call and shorten the path to conversion.

Unlimited Access to Clean US and Canadian Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Want to project a national image for your business while making it easy and affordable for customers to call you? Use a toll-free number. Or use a local phone number to establish a local presence easily and cost-effectively. DialogTech makes it easy to purchase, track, and control as many local and toll-free numbers as your business requires. All DialogTech numbers go through our rigorous number cleansing process to ensure incoming calls are always meant for your business and include our SpamSentry™ technology to block call spam from ruining your call tracking reports.

Interested in international phone numbers? Contact us today for information!