Rapidly analyze call content from any marketing source to any agent or location for amazing insights.

Do You Know What Happens on the Calls Your Marketing Generates?

For marketers and agencies, understanding what happens on the calls your marketing generates can be extremely valuable, but it can also be a challenge. No one has time to listen to recordings or read transcriptions of hundreds — or even thousands — of calls a month. Conversation Insights automatically adds tags to conversations based on words spoken on the call and makes it easy to run detailed analysis of actual conversations. You can determine what marketing sources drive “good” calls, if sales agents followed scripts or mentioned promos, what keywords the caller spoke, and more.

The Fastest and Easiest Way for Marketers to Analyze Conversations

Do you have insight into what happens on calls from each marketing source? Was an appointment or sale made? Did the agent follow approved scripts? Do they need more training? Knowing what happens on the calls your marketing generates is essential to understanding lead quality, optimizing marketing ROI, and improving agent performance.

Conversation Insights makes it easy for marketers to quickly analyze what was said on the calls your marketing generates for actionable insights. Using Conversation Insights, marketers can:

  • Understand caller intent and how inbound calls convert to appointments, opportunities, or sales
  • Prove to execs and clients how each marketing source drives quality conversations
  • Use the actual words customers say on a call to optimize SEM and SEO strategies
  • Determine which calls, good or bad, warrant further analysis
  • See if sales agents are following approved scripts or mentioning promos
  • Identify calls that you can use as examples to train sales/support agents

It’s Like Google for Your Call Conversions

Powered by the Nuance Transcription Engine, Conversation Insights is the most accurate conversation analytics solution for marketers. Conversations get automatically tagged based on the words spoken by either the caller or agent – as soon as a call ends.

It gives you the power to search conversations from any marketing source, geographic location, time of day, conversation tags, and more to find every call where the words you care about were spoken. You can then drill into each transcribed and recorded conversation for more detail:

  • Analyze calls to any location, franchisee, remote agent, or call center
  • Discover calls where the exact word or phrase – or close variation – is spoken
  • Filter searches based on campaign, date, duration, caller location, and more
  • Organize keywords and phrases into groups or categories to make searches more efficient
  • Analyze calls for industry terminology, branded terms, and unique scripts

“There is huge value in understanding which keywords callers actually speak during the call.”
– Sylvan Learning