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7 Phone Call Tracking Tools Every Online Marketer Must Know


Given all of the web analytics tools out there, tracking online conversions is relatively easy. The big challenge for marketers is tracking offline conversions like phone calls. Since most businesses still rely on phone calls, not web form submissions, this is a critical piece of online marketing.

Here Are 7 Phone Call Tracking Tools To Add To Your Online Marketing Arsenal

1. Call Tracking Numbers
Call Tracking Numbers are unique ‘virtual phone numbers’ that you insert in your ads to track how many calls are generated from each ad. These numbers aren’t attached to a specific phone, so they can just be forwarded to your main phone number. Getting unique tracking numbers is the first step in track phone call conversions. You can get local numbers for the areas you are targeting or toll-free numbers to project a national image.

2. Google Analytics Integration
Once you have some numbers, you’ll need reporting. As an online marketer, you’re probably using Google Analytics so it’s easiest to view how many calls you get directly in Google Analytics. With Google Analytics Call Tracking Integration, you can see your call data alongside your web data, making it easy to monitor progress and demonstrate ROI to your clients.

3. Dynamic Phone Number Insertion (PPC Call Tracking)
Dynamic Phone Number Insertion is simple. You assign a unique Call Tracking Number to each online medium that directs traffic to your site. This could be a specific keyword, search engine or link (read: PPC Ad, Banner Ad, Text-Link-Ad). When a visitor arrives at your site, you display a unique phone number based on the referral source. The visitor calls the number, and you see how many calls you get on each number, enabling you to measure, track and demonstrate ROI for each ad you are tracking.

We’ve personally saved thousands of dollars using this tool, and you can too. Often times, PPC ads that receive a high number of clicks never turn into phone call leads, so you can stop wasting money on those keywords by using Dynamic Phone Number Insertion for PPC ads, or any online traffic source.

4. Call Tracking Reports
Stand-alone virtual phone numbers don’t provide you with any data, which is why you need Call Tracking Reports. You’ll want to have access to real-time reports (Google Analytics isn’t real-time) via the web , email, and API (in case you are using a third party analytics tool). Call Tracking reports will give you even more detailed information on call time, caller ID, call count, call duration, call routing, etc., etc., etc. so you can measure the quality of the calls, not just the quantity.

5. Call Routing Tools
If the call doesn’t get to the right place, then tracking results doesn’t do any good. While in some cases you may just forward the number to your clients’ may line, other times you’ll want more advanced options. For example, you may want to route the leads by geography, percentage, or schedule. If you’re doing lead generation you may chose to prompt callers with an IVR phone menu to qualify the lead before routing it to your client. Finally, to promote your lead generation services, you may want to ‘whisper’ a message to the sales rep answering the call that says “This is a lead from XYZ marketing” as they answer each call, just to remind the client of your value-added services.

6. Campaign Management
If you’re running a big campaign, it can be challenging to monitor dozens, hundreds, or even thousands, of phone numbers without proper management tools. With a campaign management tool, you can group phone numbers into campaigns. For example, “PPC Campaign”, “SEO Campaign” and “Print Ad Campaign”. Or, “Client A’s Numbers”, ‘Client B’s Numbers” and “Client C’s Numbers”. Then, using campaign management, you can pull custom reports by campaign, and even create special logins for each client so they can see their call tracking reports, just like they can see their Google Analytics reports.

7. Reseller Program
If you’re already providing Call Tracking Numbers to your clients, you might as well earn a commission. Use a reseller program to get a reseller portal, discounted pricing, and commission that you can enjoy or pass along as a cost-savings to your client.

Want to learn more about these 7 Call Tracking tools? Give us a call!