Leverage Call Conversion Data for Better ROI

DoubleClick is one of the leading Bid Management platforms. DoubleClick allows marketers and advertisers to bid on and automatically adjust spending patterns on digital ads across a variety of sources so that they may optimize their marketing investments. Now, with DialogTech’s integration with DoubleClick, marketers can see the call conversion activity on keywords that generate phone calls alongside keywords that generate clicks.

Having both online and offline conversion data inside of the DoubleClick platforms provides marketers with full transparency into the impact of their PPC programs, allows them to report on both conversion types in one platform, and enables them to adjust their strategies to optimize around phone calls.

Using DoubleClick and DialogTech Together, Advertisers and Agencies Can:

  • Understand what digital marketing, including display ads, videos, search keywords and campaigns, leads to phone calls, opportunities, and sales.
  • Automatically reallocate budgets to the highest performing ads and keywords to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Control how calls are routed – including routing mobile callers to their closest store – to optimize sales.
  • Filter reporting within the DoubleClick interface based on phone call duration
  • Qualify and filter callers automatically using an IVR and score call quality using keyword spotting technology.
  • Generate detailed reports to prove to clients and execs how all your marketing is impacting their business.

Near Real Time Data for Optimized Bidding Decisions

DialogTech captures and distributes call data to DoubleClick in near real time. In about 30 minutes, call conversions from paid ads will appear down to the keyword level, ensuring that any automated bidding rules continue to optimize your digital ads based on both online and offline conversions. For more information on our DoubleClick integration or any other product or service, contact your sales representative. Not a DialogTech customer? Register for a demo today!

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