Track Phone Calls From Yext Listings

Track how your Yext-managed listings drive phone leads and detect call handling issues at your locations.

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Get Actionable Marketing and Sales Insights on Phone Calls From Your Yext Listings

Are your business listings on Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, and other sites driving phone leads? Are your locations answering and converting those calls to appointments or sales? DialogTech’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution gives you the answers. And if you use Yext to manage your listings, DialgoTech’s integration with Yext makes it easy to get started by automatically adding trackable phone numbers to all your Yext listings.

Get Credit for Every
Phone Lead You Drive

Understand not just the volume of calls from every listing to every location, but if those calls are sales lead and convert to customers.

Detect Call Handling Issues
at Locations

Monitor how well locations answer and convert calls, detect issues, and take the right actions to improve call conversion rates.

Review Call Recordings
and Transcriptions

Pull up a list of calls to any location and review the recordings and transcriptions for marketing and sales operations insights.

Bulk Import Trackable Phone Numbers Into Yext

DialogTech’s integration with Yext makes it easy to add trackable phone numbers to all your Yext-managed listings. You can get up and running tracking calls from every listing to every location with DialogTech tecnology that helps prevent NAP inconsistencies from impacting SEO. DialogTech and Yext customers can begin by installing the DialogTech app from the Yext App Directory.

Measure the Volume and Value of Calls From Your Listings

When consumers call from your listings, DialogTech identifies the caller, the listing that drove the call, and the location they called. AI then analyzes the conversation to detect if the call was answered, if the caller is a sales, if the call resulted in a conversion, and more. DialogTech visualizes insights from calls in customizable reports and dashboards and activates that data across your martech stack to help you measure and improve marketing results.

Review and Share Analytics on Location Call Handling

DialogTech measures how locations are answering and converting calls to detect and correct issues impacting conversions. Access reports on location call handling experience, review call recordings and transcriptions for insights, and share both with your locations to help fix issues and improve performance.