Track and optimize how your search and digital marketing drive calls to your business with the only DNI call tracking solution that uses RingCentral phone numbers.

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Get Marketing Attribution on Phone Calls From Your Website to RingCentral Phone Numbers

Phone calls generated by your digital marketing are valuable conversions. Getting attribution data on those calls is a huge benefit to marketing teams, but many RingCentral customers can’t use call tracking solutions because they don’t work with RingCentral phone numbers.

DialogTech’s integration with RingCentral solves this challenge by providing the only DNI (dynamic number insertion) call tracking solution that uses RingCentral numbers. When consumers call a RingCentral number on your website, DialogTech attributes that call to the marketing interaction (channel, campaign, ad, search keyword, website interaction) that drove it. Call tracking data for every call is available in DialogTech and activated in your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, making it easy to action upon to boost customer acquisition and grow revenue.

Drive More Customers From Digital Marketing

Use data on calls to make smarter marketing optimizations that drive more phone leads and customers at a lower CPL.

Include Phone Calls in Your Marketing Metrics

Accurately measure your digital marketing ROI and prove your impact on customer acquisition with attribution on calls.

Only Call Tracking Solution for RingCentral Numbers

Get all the marketing benefits of DNI call tracking using your RingCentral numbers and infrastructure — it’s the best of both worlds.

Capture Attribution on Every Website Call with DialogTech

DialogTech provides the only DNI call tracking technology that works with RingCentral numbers. With DialogTech, you can attribute calls from your website driven by paid search, SEO, display, Facebook and social ads, email, affiliate marketing, and any other marketing source.

Activate Keyword-Level Call Data in Google Ads

With DialogTech, you can activate data on call conversions in your Google Ads account. See the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords generating the most calls. Optimize for what’s driving the most conversions — both online and over the phone. Improve Google Ads smart bidding by enabling Google’s algorithm to include calls in its optimizations.

Complete Your View of the Customer Journey in
Google Analytics

DialogTech passes call data into Google Analytics to provide marketers with a complete understanding of how your channels, ads, campaigns, keywords, and website drive call conversions. Adding call conversions to Google Analytics gives you a holistic view of your customer journey, consumer online and offline behavior, and digital marketing performance.