Track and Optimize Call Conversions in Google Marketing Platform

Use Google Marketing Platform with DialogTech to optimize for the keywords, ads, and audiences driving the most calls that convert to customers at scale.

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Activate AI-Driven Analytics on Callers Across Google Marketing Platform with DialogTech

Google says that marketers must integrate online and voice for a unified view of the customer journey. DialogTech makes it easy to leverage complete attribution on calls and AI-driven insights on voice conversations in Google Marketing Platform. Use DialogTech data to more accurately measure results, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, make smarter optimizations, and target the right audiences with the right ads across search, display, and video.

Optimize Your Search Campaigns to Drive More Revenue-Generating Calls and Customers

Acquire more customers at lower CPLs by optimizing for the search campaigns, ads, keywords, and audiences driving the most valuable conversions, both online and over the phone.

  • Get keyword-level attribution for every call — whether from a call extension, website visitor, or AMP — to eliminate the blind spot in your Search Ads 360 attribution data
  • Have AI analyze conversations to determine caller intent, lead quality, and call outcomes and optimize for what’s driving the best results
  • Put callers into the right retargeting and lookalike campaigns — or suppress them — using insights from their conversations

Get a Unified View of the Customer Journey by Adding Conversation Intelligence to Google Analytics 360

Understand exactly how your advertising and website drive not just calls, but customers, and view that data with your digital analytics to make optimizations that drive better results.

  • Surface deeper insights into your marketing’s performance with complete attribution and analytics on calls and conversations
  • Understand exactly how your advertising and website drive calls that convert to customers
  • See how to optimize for the channels, ads, keywords, and website experiences driving the most valuable conversions: online and over the phone

Easily Deploy DialogTech’s Call Tracking and Analytics Across Your Websites

Configure and deploy DialogTech across your websites quickly and easily with Google Tag Manager.

  • Easily implement DialogTech on all your websites
  • Update DialogTech call tracking code quickly and easily
  • Easily select which webpages to activate call tracking

Smarter Keyword Optimizations for
Google Ads Call Extensions

DialogTech captures the Google Click ID (GCLID) for calls from Google Ads call extensions. That means our solution for capturing keywords from these calls is the most accurate in the industry — by far. Our AI then analyzes those conversations to determine intent, conversion outcome, and more and activates that data in Search Ads 360, Google Ads, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and more to fuel better keyword-level optimizations.