Use Genesys and DialogTech to drive revenue and delight customers by arming agents with deep, real-time insights on each caller.

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Convert More Callers Into Customers with Genesys and DialogTech

The DialogTech and Genesys integration allows call centers and marketing departments to share valuable insights that fuel revenue growth while improving the customer experience. Call center agents no longer need to guess at why someone is calling, and marketers can close the loop on call attribution for more intelligent optimizations.

Informed Agents. Increased Sales.

Insight into the marketing data behind what drove a call allows sales agents to tailor their conversations to be more effective and ultimately close more sales. The integration provides agents with marketing context about each caller – including the channel, ad, search keyword, and web page that generated the call, along with the caller’s name, number, and location.

Close the Loop on Call Attribution

Marketers gain a better understanding as to which marketing channels are driving good or bad calls by receiving information from Genesys about the call — including the IVR keystrokes, agent disposition, recorded conversation, and call outcome. The ability to integrate this data into analytics platforms allows marketers to optimize their media spend and campaigns for those calls that drive results.