Seamlessly Integrate DialogTech Call Data into Marketing Platforms You Use Today

LiveRamp is a data-connectivity platform that enables DialogTech to send valuable call data to over 200 marketing technology platforms. Through LiveRamp, DialogTech enhances marketers’ capabilities to target consumers, measure the effectiveness and ROI from digital ad spend, and personalize customer experiences. Below are examples of LiveRamp endpoints that seamlessly ingest DialogTech’s call data.

Data Management and Demand-Side Platforms

Display advertisers use DMPs and DSPs to segment and target audiences to get the right ad in front of the right audience to drive conversions. DialogTech and LiveRamp enable marketers to use call data in display targeting to get ads in front of prospects or customers ready to call, so you can invest in campaigns that drive revenue while eliminating spend on audiences not likely to convert.

Multi-Touch Attribution Platforms

Marketers rely on multi-touch attribution platforms to gain insight into the complete customer journey and interaction with their brand. But most marketers are not incorporating call conversions into their MTA tool and as a result may have a completely different perspective about where consumers interact and when they convert. Without DialogTech’s call data, display campaigns do not receive the credit they deserve and the acquisition models portray a limited view of what truly drives conversions.

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