DialogTech Named a Best Attribution Solution Finalist by The Drum Digital Advertising Awards

Kayla Hammersmith Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

We’re excited to be named a finalist for Best Attribution Solution from The Drum Digital Advertising Awards USA! DialogTech is honored to be nominated for this award category and to be among leading brands that made the shortlist for other categories, like Dell, Hulu, and HP. 

The Drum Digital Advertising Awards USA aims to “unearth the talented individuals, teams, products, and services that are making the biggest difference in the digital advertising world.” Winners will be announced on November 13 in New York City.

The Drum Digital Advertising Awards Best Attribution Solution category recognizes the technology that provides the most powerful attribution data for advertisers and generates strong client satisfaction.

DialogTech’s Best-in-Class Attribution Solution

A phase change is underway as consumers — thanks to smartphones and the rise of voice search — are increasingly communicating with brands via voice. When consumers call a business’s call center or brick-and-mortar locations, those conversations are the truest insights into each person’s intent, interests, preferences, and value to the business. That data, while invaluable to marketers, has historically been inaccessible to them. With DialogTech, marketers can understand who is calling, where calls are coming from and what is being said on every call. 

DialogTech’s SourceIQ™, a key component of our conversation intelligence platform, is a powerful attribution solution that captures valuable caller and source data from the time of the call. 


DialogTech SourceIQ Attribution Solution


This includes demographic information like name, age, and gender of the caller, geographic information like address, city, state, zip, technographic information like phone number and telco carrier and campaign information like marketing channel, ad, and keyword, and so much more. Businesses use this granular data to identify their best audiences and personalize the caller experience in real-time to convert more customers — but that’s not all. 

The DialogTech platform also connects this attribution data to AI-driven insights derived from the conversation to determine what was said on the call, if it was qualified, if the caller converted, or if a representative should follow up on the call at a later date. 

Marketers leverage the invaluable conversation intelligence DialogTech captures and apply these insights across all other marketing channels for more accurate targeting, more relevant messaging, and more effective campaigns. 

In addition to providing attribution information, DialogTech also integrates within marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Experience Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, Salesforce, Marketo, and more. This allows marketers to activate their data and get a truly holistic view of offline and online performance. DialogTech helps marketers make smarter optimizations in their ad campaigns, put callers in the right buckets for retargeting and lookalike audiences, and deliver personalized experiences to convert more leads into customers. 

Through DialogTech’s powerful attribution technology, marketers can get a holistic view of the entire customer journey online and make the best optimizations from our data and AI-powered analysis of what consumers actually say on calls.

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