Activate Deep Insights from Conversations Across Your Tech Stack

By adding analytics not just from calls — but from conversations — to your marketing and sales tools, you get a truly holistic view of customers and marketing channel performance you can use to make more impactful optimizations.

DialogTech’s IntegrationStudio™ activates deep insights from conversations across the digital ad platforms, marketing tools, and sales solutions you rely on to acquire and retain customers. Don’t see a solution you use below? Contact us today — the list of is just a sample.

Digital Advertising Platforms

Activate insights from conversations within the search, social, and display advertising platforms you use to drive growth. Make smarter optimizations and build retargeting and lookalike audiences from callers.

Track Callers From Keyword to Customer in Google Ads
Microsoft Advertising
Facebook and Instagram

Marketing Analytics Platforms

Measure and analyze the entire customer journey — online and over the phone — by integrating DialogTech with your marketing analytics platform.

Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics


Integrate DialogTech with your CRM to measure the impact of calls from every marketing channel on appointments, opportunities, and revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bid Management

Use DialogTech’s conversation intelligence data in your bid management tool to generate more high-converting calls and sales from digital advertising campaigns.

Marin Software
Search Ads 360
Adobe Advertising Cloud

Marketing Automation

Integrate DialogTech with marketing automation tools to prove and improve how your email campaigns and website generate both web and call conversions.


Website Optimization

Integrate DialogTech with website optimization tools to include calls in A/B tests and drive more quality calls from your landing pages and website.

Optimizely X

Call Center Solutions

Integrate DialogTech’s marketing insights on callers with contact center technologies to help sales agents convert more callers into customers.

Amazon Connect

Tag Managers

Integrate DialogTech with tag management tools to make it easy to deploy or edit tags without burdening developers.

Google Tag Manager
Adobe Launch

Marketing Dashboards

Include DialogTech’s call data in marketing dashboards to get a holistic view of the customer journey, online and over the phone.


Additional Integrations

DialogTech also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of additional technologies.


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