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Call Attribution

Online-to-offline attribution remains one of the biggest marketing challenges. For the most accurate and granular call attribution data, the world’s top brands and agencies use DialogTech’s SourceIQ.

SourceIQ connects online interactions to offline results by capturing who’s calling, from what location, what channel and campaign they engaged with, what pages on your website they viewed — all the way down to what keywords they searched. With accurate, spam-free call attribution data from SourceIQ, marketers make smarter optimizations, deliver more personalized experiences, and acquire more customers at lower CPL.

Data to Prove ROI

Measure exactly how your marketing channels, ads, keywords, and webpages drive calls that convert to customers.

Insights to Drive Growth

Know how to optimize media spend, messaging, and website experiences to drive more conversions and revenue.

Connect Online to Offline

Activate insights on calls across your marketing stack to accurately measure ROI and make smarter optimizations.

Get Accurate, Actionable, Spam-Free Call Tracking Data

1. Caller Profile Data

Capture who the caller is, their phone number and geographic location, the day and time of the call, their device and browser, and more. Use profile data to personalize the customer experience and improve audience retargeting and lookalike campaigns.

2. Marketing Attribution

Capture the marketing channel, campaign, ad, keyword search, and other marketing interaction that drove each call. Accurately measure the offline impact of your online marketing.

3. Website Interaction

See each visitor's site activity before, during, and after the call, including their entry page and the page they called from. Optimize website experiences to drive more call conversions.

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"Passing keyword-level call data from DialogTech into Search Ads 360 had an immediate impact, enabling us to optimize PPC bid strategies to drive more phone leads at a lower cost."

— David Mabry, Account Manager for marketing agency DAC · Read Their Story →

"DialogTech gives us a blueprint of how our marketing drives calls that convert to home warranties, so we can make the right strategic decisions to grow sales."

— Corey Spraggins, Paid Media Supervisor at RMI · Read Their Story →

Best-in-Class Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)


DialogTech's DNI scales to handle the needs of the biggest brands — using the fewest phone numbers.


SourceIQ is easy to implement — no manual configuration required. Get up and running quickly.


Display multiple call tracking numbers on a single webpage — perfect for multi-location businesses.


Block spam calls from disrupting your business and ruining your call tracking data.

Track Google Ads Call Extension Calls From Keyword to Conversion to Revenue

Because DialogTech captures both the Google click ID (GCLID) and caller ID for mobile calls from Google Ads call extensions (GCEs), it provides truly accurate keyword-level attribution for those GCE calls. DialogTech can then connect the caller and keyword to analytics on the conversation, including the caller’s intent, lead quality, conversion outcome, and downstream revenue to understand the true value of GCE calls at the keyword level. You can activate these insights in Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and more to fuel truly impactful bid optimizations.

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