DialogTech for Social Ads

Measure and optimize how your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social ads drive calls and customers.

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In Today’s Mobile World, Social Ads Drive Calls

Marketers will spend over $15 billion in the US alone on social ads this year.

Mobile social ads will drive over 36 billion calls to businesses this year.

Calls convert to customers 10x-15x more than web form leads.

Attribute and Optimize Social Ad ROI with Insights from Conversations

DialogTech provides a complete solution to attribute, analyze, and optimize calls from social advertising. Know what ads drive high-converting calls to more accurately prove ROI. Put callers from any channel into the right retargeting or lookalike campaign based on their conversations.

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Target Callers to Increase Digital Ad ROI

Drive more calls and customers from social ads by targeting consumers likely to call. Acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences that match past callers. Retarget callers with ads asking them to call — or exclude them from your ads.

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Get Powerful Insights from All Your Call Data with DialogTech’s PCI DSS-Compliant Call Tracking and Analytics

DialogTech is officially certified as PCI DSS-compliant. Customers can leverage the full insights from call recordings, call transcriptions, and AI-driven conversation analytics with confidence, knowing their data is secure with a partner that is fully PCI-compliant. Our redaction algorithm automatically removes any sensitive information from call recordings and transcriptions — while still giving you access to all of your call transcriptions and call data.

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Data and Actionable Insights from Conversations

Call Attribution

Attribute callers back to the social platform, ad, and website activity that drove the call.

View-Through Attribution

Attribute callers that view your social ads but convert from other channels.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Map when calls from social and other channels occur in the customer journey and assign credit accordingly.

Caller Profile Data

Capture the caller’s name, number, geographic location, history, and time/day of their call.

The Conversation

Analyze if calls are answered, rate sales agent performance, and optimize content for the questions and phrases callers speak.

Call Value

Know if the call was a quality lead and if they converted.

Integrate Call Data with Your Marketing Stack

“DialogTech makes it easy to attribute revenue from phone calls driven by search and Facebook advertising. Other call tracking platforms I’ve worked with couldn’t do revenue matchback, so having DialogTech help us automate it has been huge.”

— Tim Moorhead, Paid Media Account Manager at Seer Interactive

“Connecting cruise shoppers in conversation with Oceania Cruises’ agents is an important goal of our marketing. Call insights from DialogTech and Facebook help us accomplish that goal.”

— Todd Brown, Vice President of E-Commerce at Oceania Cruises

“We’ve seen great results using DialogTech data to target past callers and new lookalike audiences with Facebook ads.”

— Camila De Bierre, Social Media Specialist at Westgate Resorts

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