Are Spam Calls Ruining Your Call Attribution Data?

Spam calls are a rising phenomena affecting every industry. These unwanted calls skew the attribution data marketers depend on to understand which digital and offline sources drive customer calls. To combat this nuisance, there’s DialogTech’s SpamSentry.

What Is SpamSentry™?

DialogTech’s SpamSentry is patent-pending spam call detection and protection technology. It prevents spam calls from reaching your business and ensures that your call data is accurate, so you can invest confidently in marketing programs that drive customer calls.

Adaptive Solutions for an Ever-Changing Problem

SpamSentry blocks a wide variety of spam calls, from fake political calls to fax machine calls to cruise line sweepstakes. But spam calls are constantly adapting. SpamSentry is the only solution in the call tracking industry which utilizes adaptive, machine-learning technology to self-identify variants of spam it has been trained to recognize and immediately prevent the calls from reaching a business’ call center, office, and other locations.

Key Features and Facts of SpamSentry

Utilizes adaptive, machine-learning technology, a critical feature as the form and format of call spam continues to change rapidly.

Operating on artificial neural networks, SpamSentry can self-identify variants of spam it has been trained to recognize and immediately prevent the calls from reaching a business’ call center, office, and other locations.

DialogTech’s SpamSentry has successfully blocked millions of spam calls on behalf of its customers, and has achieved a 99.4% efficacy rate in identifying and blocking spam calls.

SpamSentry is built using proprietary, patent-pending technology and is part of DialogTech’s industry leading number cleansing platform. No integrations or partnerships with other vendors are required.

The Industry-Leading Number Cleansing Platform

Spam calls may not always be automated. Live representatives may attempt to reach you and your customers by making random calls using a list of provided numbers. These live representatives can easily pass any spam detection software, which is why DialogTech has other existing applications to help prevent these callers from reaching your business and clients.

Number Cleansing

Every phone number DialogTech acquires from its vendors goes through a rigorous number cleansing process. We and our phone number suppliers age and monitor every phone number to ensure cleanliness.


DialogTech’s customer success team can blacklist any number you wish to block. None of the calls from these blacklisted numbers will appear in your DialogTech reporting.

Customer Managed Caller ID Blocking

Take control of blocking unwanted cold calls and other inbound live-person phone calls with DialogTech’s caller ID blocking technology. Prevent individual caller IDs from connecting to your DialogTech phone numbers.

Pattern Matching

DialogTech’s pattern matching function allows users to insert caller IDs that if detected, will route the call in a different fashion. This functionality will ensure that any calls received from these identified numbers will not reach your business.

How to Get Started

SpamSentry can be applied to any phone number within a DialogTech account. If you would like to learn more, contact your sales representative or call customer support at (877) 295-5100, option 2.

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“DialogTech’s SpamSentry technology has reduced my clients’ spam calls to almost zero.”

Branden Stanley
Director of Paid Search at PMP Marketing Group

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