Revolutionary AI solution uses machine learning to analyze calls from your marketing for amazing insights.

There Is So Much Marketers Can Learn From Their Call Conversions

If you had time to analyze every call from your marketing, what would you want to know? Would you want to know if marketing channels drive “good” or “bad” phone leads? Would you see if calls from your marketing turn into appointments? Or what percentage go unanswered? Dialog Analytics can show you all this and more. You tell us what you want to learn and Dialog Analytics uses machine-learning technology to get the answers you need to improve your marketing.

AI and Machine-Learning Solution Does the Marketing Analysis for You

Powered by industry-leading technology from Google and Nuance, Dialog Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to rapidly analyze and categorize your call conversions for amazing insights. It is truly next-generation marketing AI technology that can tell you whatever you wish to learn from calls. And you get the insights you need without having to waste any time or resources listening to recorded calls.

See call conversions grouped into customizable categories

What would you like to learn from calls to improve your marketing? Want to see the marketing sources of calls that resulted in an appointment or sale? Want to know the ads or keywords driving quality sales calls but not conversions? Dialog Analytics makes it easy.

Use call insights to optimize marketing strategies

What makes a “good” sales call for your business? Tell us, and Dialog Analytics will tag every call matching your criteria and tell you what drove it. Want to segregate sales calls from support calls? Or see which sources drive first-time callers vs. repeat callers? Dialog Analytics’ AI can do it.

Understand what happens during the call

Dialog Analytics’ AI technology can group calls based on if they reached a live person, what was said on the call, or if they went unanswered. Use this data to help your sales teams, franchisees, or call center staff make adjustments and improve performance.

“We use DialogTech to automatically categorize our call conversions into the categories that matter most. Thanks to DialogTech we know how to optimize marketing to deliver the highest quality leads.”
– RentPath