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Increase call conversions and revenue from paid search while decreasing CPL with AI-powered call tracking and analytics from DialogTech.

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Your Call Tracking and Analytics Partner for Paid Search

DialogTech’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution is used by many of the world’s biggest advertisers to track, route, analyze, and optimize calls from paid search. For every call from PPC, DialogTech captures the click ID and caller ID, provides detailed attribution down to the keyword, and measures the call’s value via AI-driven conversation analytics and revenue matchback. That data is then activated in Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and your bid management tool to fuel smarter optimizations that increase revenue and ROAS.

Track Calls From Keyword
to Conversion to Revenue

Because DialogTech quantifies the value of calls from PPC at the keyword level, you (or bidding algorithms) can use it to make more impactful bid optimizations.

Increase Paid Search
Revenue and ROAS

Using DialogTech’s call tracking data, search advertisers often see a significant increase in revenue and ROAS right away, followed by steady, incremental improvements.

Get Credit for Every
Call and Customer

Capturing the volume and value of PPC calls through DialogTech helps you prove your true ROI and get credit for every conversion and customer from your paid search spend.

Drive More High-Converting Calls and Cut CPL with DialogTech

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call ads, paid search ads generate billions of calls each month. DialogTech attributes every call from your paid search campaigns down to the keyword, analyzes conversations to determine lead quality and conversion outcome, and integrates all those insights into Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and the tools you use to measure and optimize paid search ROI.

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Keyword Attribution for Every Caller from Paid Search

DialogTech provides 100% keyword attribution for every caller from paid search, whether they called from a call extension in a search ad or after visiting your webpage. This data enables agencies and brands like Sylvan Learning to optimize Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns for the keywords driving the most calls and customers.

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Track and Analyze Every Conversation from Search to Sale

For every call and conversation, DialogTech captures invaluable data and insights you can use to prove and optimize paid search ROI, including:

  • The search engine, keyword, and ad that drove the call
  • If the call came from a call extension or website visit
  • The landing page and website interaction that drove the call
  • Who the caller is, their location, and their browser/device
  • If the call was answered and what was said
  • If the call is a valid sales lead
  • If the call converted
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Improve Smart Bidding With Data on the Value and Revenue From Calls

Not every call is a great lead, so don’t have Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising smart bidding spend your budget to drive bad calls. Instead, enable them to optimize on what’s driving the best results with DialogTech. With DialogTech you can capture the click ID, caller ID, conversion value, and revenue from every call, then activate that data in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising so the algorithms know how to drive more revenue-generating conversions cost-effectively.

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Track Google Ads Call Extension Calls From Keyword to Conversion to Revenue

Because DialogTech captures both the Google click ID (GCLID) and caller ID for mobile calls from Google Ads call extensions (GCEs), it provides truly accurate keyword-level attribution for those GCE calls. DialogTech can then connect the caller and keyword to analytics on the conversation, including the caller’s intent, lead quality, conversion outcome, and downstream revenue to understand the true value of GCE calls at the keyword level. You can activate these insights in Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and more to fuel truly impactful bid optimizations.

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Put Callers in the Best Audiences Based on Conversations

Drive more customers from paid search at a lower cost by building audiences based on what consumers say when they call. Retarget good callers who didn’t convert with the best campaign or suppress bad ones from seeing ads. Acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences that match callers who converted.

Get Powerful Insights from All Your Call Data with DialogTech’s PCI DSS-Compliant Call Tracking and Analytics

DialogTech is officially certified as PCI DSS-compliant. Customers can leverage the full insights from call recordings, call transcriptions, and AI-driven conversation analytics with confidence, knowing their data is secure with a partner that is fully PCI-compliant. Our redaction algorithm automatically removes any sensitive information from call recordings and transcriptions — while still giving you access to all of your call transcriptions and call data.

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Convert More Callers to Customers

DialogTech can optimize each caller’s experience based on their data. Route callers from paid search based on the keyword or webpage they called from, their geographic location, the day and time, and more. Ensure callers are connected quickly to the best location or agent to convert them.

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AI Analyzes Every Conversation for Actionable Insights

DialogTech’s AI analyzes what’s said on every call from paid search, visualizes those insights in easy-to-understand reports, and activates them in Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, bid management tools, your CRM, and more. Use insights from conversations to optimize paid search bids, segment callers into audiences, and deliver more personalized messaging to drive more revenue-generation calls at scale.

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“Using DialogTech, we’re tracking thousands of calls every month from paid search. We have decreased cost-per-conversion by 10% while generating 83% more calls and 71% more bookings. It’s been amazing.”

— Maya Springer, Manager of Internet Marketing at HotelsCorp · Read Their Story →

“We use DialogTech to attribute calls from paid search down to the keyword and optimize SEM to drive more quality calls and customers. It’s been a great success.”

— Chip Smith, CMO at Sears Home Services

"I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides. It’s enabled us to generate more of the right callers from our marketing and better convert them to service appointments."

— Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances · Read Their Story →

"We especially love DialogTech’s Google call extension attribution. That was another big reason why we chose DialogTech — no other call tracking provider can do what DialogTech does for call extensions."

— Seth Cargiuolo, Vice President of Marketing at Citizens Disability · Read Their Story →

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