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Increase call conversions and revenue from organic search with conversation intelligence.

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Eliminate the Hole in Your SEO Metrics with DialogTech

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, organic searches drive billions of calls to businesses each month. DialogTech enables marketers to attribute every call conversion from organic search, analyze conversations to determine lead quality and conversion outcome, and optimize website content for the questions and keywords callers actually use.

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Put Callers in the Best Audiences Based on Conversations

Convert more callers to customers by targeting them with the right ads across search, social, and display based on what they said when they call. Retarget good callers from SEO who didn’t convert with the right messaging or suppress bad ones from seeing your ads. Acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences that match callers who converted.

Get Powerful Insights from All Your Call Data with DialogTech’s PCI DSS-Compliant Call Tracking and Analytics

DialogTech is officially certified as PCI DSS-compliant. Customers can leverage the full insights from call recordings, call transcriptions, and AI-driven conversation analytics with confidence, knowing their data is secure with a partner that is fully PCI-compliant. Our redaction algorithm automatically removes any sensitive information from call recordings and transcriptions — while still giving you access to all of your call transcriptions and call data.

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Data and Actionable Insights from Conversations

Call Attribution

Attribute callers from organic search and track the search engine they used to find you.

Website Interaction

See each caller’s behavior and site activity, including their entry page and the page they called from.

Caller Profile Data

Capture the caller’s name, number, geographic location, call history, and time/day of their call.

The Conversation

Analyze if calls are answered, rate sales agent performance, and optimize SEO/SEM for keywords and questions callers speak.

Call Value

Know if the call was a quality lead and measure its business impact.

Convert More Callers to Customers

DialogTech can optimize each caller’s experience based on their data. Route callers from organic search based on webpage they called from, their geographic location, the day and time, and more. Ensure callers are connected quickly to the best location or agent to convert them.

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AI Analyzes Every Conversation for Actionable Insights

DialogTech’s AI analyzes what’s said on every call from SEO, visualizes those insights in easy-to-understand reports, and activates them in Google Analytics, Adobe, Optimizely, and other tools. Use insights from conversations to optimize website content for the questions and keywords callers actually say.

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No Negative Impact on SEO

Only DialogTech’s dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology provides website call attribution that never violates Google’s NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency. You get all the benefits of tracking calls without any negative impact on SEO ranking.

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Activate Insights from Conversations Across Your Marketing Stack

What DialogTech Customers Are Saying

“The results have been amazing: This year with DialogTech, Sylvan has increased leads by over 33% from search marketing – all while keeping cost per lead flat. We are extremely pleased.”

— Seth Lueck, Director of Digital Acquisition & Optimization at Sylvan Learning · Read Their Story →

“Inbound calls are a critical source of leads. Using DialogTech’s AI, we gain incredible insights into those valuable interactions. It’s a game changer.”

— Bryan Huber, Global VP, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers · Read Their Story →

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