DialogTech for Lead Gen and Affiliate Marketers

Clear attribution and advanced routing of every phone lead you generate for clients.

Get Paid for Every Phone Lead You Generate for Clients

DialogTech enables lead generation companies and affiliate marketers to get full credit for every phone lead you generate for clients. Plus only DialogTech has advanced real-time call routing, scoring, and recording tools that ensure every call is qualified and routed correctly and give you complete visibility into the quality of every phone lead.

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Automatically Track, Qualify, Route, and Record Phone Leads

Lead generation companies know that every lead matters. They’re how you get paid. Most companies can capture web form leads, but struggle to get credit for the inbound calls they generate. DialogTech gives lead gen companies the tools to automatically capture, track, score, route, and get paid for every phone lead from your client campaigns.

Features for Lead Generation Companies

  • Measure phone lead quantity with call tracking numbers
    Accurately measure the number of customer calls you generate for each lead buyer using unique toll-free and local call tracking numbers. Track calls from directory listings, TV and radio ads, direct mail, email, or other marketing sources.
  • Track phone leads back to SEO, PPC, social media, and more
    If the leads you send to a web page decide to call instead of filling out a form, don’t worry. DialogTech can still give you credit by tracking each call back to the specific keyword search, PPC ad, or social media site that generated it.
  • Filter out bad calls automatically
    Are you paying $15 to $30 per hour for a call center agent to ask the same questions to qualify phone leads? Use an IVR to automate those questions and save big money.
  • Score phone leads without listening to a single conversation
    Revolutionary keyword spotting technology monitors conversations between callers and agents, listening for the keywords you determine best indicate call quality.
  • Forward hot transfers to the right person
    Once a lead calls in and is qualified by an IVR or your call center, route those calls automatically to the right person based on a wide variety of customizable call routing options.
  • Automatically record calls to prove quality
    Some lead buyers will want to hear conversations with leads before they approve and pay. DialogTech enables you to record every call and prove lead quality.
  • Integrate phone call reporting with your marketing software
    Integrate DialogTech’s call analytics into your marketing automation, CRM, bid management, and web analytics software to improve ROI.

Generate Phone Leads with IVR Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are an excellent way to capture leads. Create campaigns that drive people to take your phone survey to win a prize. Configure the survey to function as an ROI calculator or conduct a needs analysis. Send out a voice broadcast asking people to take a survey to win coupons. DialogTech will capture their contact information and give them the option of being transferred to a sales rep.

Route Calls to the Right Lead Buyers with LeadFlow™

For lead sellers driving phone leads to buyers, DialogTech’s LeadFlow gives you complete, real-time control over where every phone lead is sent. It makes it easy to route calls to the right buyers based on a wide variety of criteria –– including buyer cost-per-call agreements and call thresholds, location of the caller, time/day of call, and much more. LeadFlow also ensures you get credit for every valid phone lead.

Convert Web Leads into Instant Sales Calls

DialogTech can trigger an immediate phone call to leads who fill out your online forms, including contact us, call me now, demo request, and content download forms. The faster you contact a lead, the higher the chance of converting them into a qualified opportunity for clients.

Automatically Verify Phone Numbers from Web Forms

Lead buyers don’t want to pay for bad data. When leads fill out a web form, have DialogTech automatically call them to verify their phone number. The automated call can ask a series of lead qualifying questions via IVR or play an informational message.