DialogTech for Health Care

Drive more calls and appointments. Automate outbound calls to patients.

Grow Your Medical Practice with DialogTech

Health care providers rely on DialogTech to optimize marketing to generate more inbound calls and appointments, reduce no-shows, improve payment reminders and bill collections, and more — while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Increase Patient Acquisition and Reduce No-Shows

The health care industry is becoming extremely competitive. Beyond providing great service, the most successful practices are the ones that spend their marketing budget wisely, ensure patients keep their appointments, and collect the money they are owed. DialogTech’s platform –– including call attribution, voice broadcasting and SMS, and hosted IVR –– can help you do all this and more while maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing with Call Attribution

How do you measure which ads actually generate new appointments? With DialogTech, you can track calls to your practice back to the specific online, offline, or mobile ad or keyword search that originated it. You can measure which ads actually generate new appointments, then optimize your ad spend to generate more appointments and eliminate campaigns that don’t work.

Gain Marketing Insights While Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Health care companies must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) to secure protected health information (PHI). DialogTech’s call tracking and call attribution ensures security for sensitive data, encrypts data at rest and in transit, and provides additional security for platform access.

Reduce No-Shows with Automated Appointment Confirmation Calls

Use DialogTech’s voice broadcasting technology to automate the delivery of appointment reminders and confirmation calls. Automated calls can include the patient’s name, appointment time, or other variables to remind or confirm their appointment. If they need to reschedule, transfer the call back to your office manager to schedule a time. If the call goes to voice mail, you can even leave a special message requesting a return call.

Automatically Inform Patients of Lab Results

The moment lab results are available, automatically trigger a phone call to patients informing them of the status of their test. Alternatively, create an automated hotline for patients to call to get results, freeing your doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to perform other duties.

Ensure Proper Staffing with Hotlines and Phone Trees

Configure a hotline where nurses or other staff can call in sick. Then automate the replacement process with a phone tree that calls down a list of available nurses until someone confirms availability.

Automatically Route Calls to the Right Locations

If your medical clinic has multiple locations, DialogTech makes it easier for patients to call the right center. DialogTech can provide you with one easy-to-remember phone number that automatically routes calls from patients to the location nearest them.

Schedule Waitlist Appointments Automatically

Is your practice booked for weeks in advance? Create a waitlist of patients that want an evening or weekend appointment. If a patient cancels, DialogTech can automatically call down the waitlist one by one until a new patient confirms.

Provide Patients with a Reliable Off-Hours Hotline

When your office is closed, set up an off-hours hotline for urgent medical questions. Rather than hiring a call center, you can automate the call distribution process to direct emergency calls to the hospital, urgent calls to the doctor, and general calls to a voicemail for next-day follow-up.

Automate Payment Collection Calls for Overdue Bills

If patients ignore your mailed billing statement, have DialogTech automatically send them a reminder phone call or SMS text. You can schedule the call or text to go out a certain amount of time after bills are past due. Patients who answer the call and agree to pay can be connected with your office manager to process payments over the phone.