DialogTEch for e‑Commerce

Drive revenue from online shoppers with call attribution and conversation analytics.

Online Shoppers Want to Call You –– Be Ready with DialogTech

If you don’t make it easy for online shoppers to call you –– or track those calls back to your marketing –– you are missing out on revenue. DialogTech gives e-commerce companies a full suite of solutions to track, route, and manage customer calls to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

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77% of Online Shoppers Say They Have Wanted to Talk to a Live Person Before Buying*

And that’s not all: over half of online shoppers who were unable to get help from a live person say that it’s affected their decision not to. That’s why e-commerce and online retailers rely on DialogTech to manage, measure, and automate customer phone conversations. DialogTech’s call attribution, call routing, conversation analytics, and voice broadcasting, and other voice applications help online retailers increase revenue while decreasing marketing spend.

Prove and Improve Marketing ROI with Call Attribution and Analytics

Do you know what marketing sources and webpages are driving calls to your business? Do you know what’s said on those calls, and if they convert to customers? Find out with DialogTech. Using our call attribution and conversation analytics technology you can track calls back to your ads, search keywords, email blasts, social media, direct mail campaigns, and webpages. Use this data to understand what works and optimize your media spend and website to drive more of the calls that become customers.

67% of Online Shopping Carts Are Abandoned — –DialogTech Can Help**

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue for online retailers. Using DialogTech you can improve sales by triggering calls to online shoppers the moment they abandon their carts, connecting them in conversations with one of your agents.

Provide Shoppers with a Professional Call Experience

Giving online shoppers option to call is not only a great way to earn their business, it’s easy with DialogTech. Our call management technology can be set up and deployed in minutes without having to hire IT programmers. There’s no expensive hardware to buy, and you can send calls to any sales agent on any phone no matter where they are.

Plus DialogTech gives you tools like an IVR virtual receptionist, custom call routing, phone surveys, and call recording, so you can provide callers with a professional call center experience – even if you only have a few agents, and even if they all work from home.

Automate Phone Notifications for Order Reminders and Discount Promos

With voice broadcasting and SMS messaging from DialogTech you can automatically deliver messages to customers for order reminders, promotions and discounts, and more. These notifications help customers remain engaged with your business and help you grow revenue while improving customer loyalty.

*IMShopping and Harris Interactive Survey, August 2009
**comScore Custom eCommerce Measurement (2013)