Call Tracking for
Google My Business

Drive and convert more callers to customers from your Google My Business listings with AI-driven call tracking and analytics from DialogTech.

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Drive More Customers From Search by Tracking GMB Calls

Google My Business drives many of the phone calls you get from search. As a marketer, you can’t understand the consumer journey — or get credit for all the leads you’re driving — if you aren’t measuring these important calls. You might also struggle to make the best optimization decisions and put callers into the right audiences if GMB calls are a blind spot. With DialogTech’s call tracking and analytics, you can measure how your GMB listings drive calls that convert to customers and revenue, and visualize this data in your martech stack and DialogTech reports, and segment audiences from GMB callers based on their conversations.

Measure the Entire
Consumer Journey

Marketers under pressure to prove value can show locations and executives how many calls they’ve driven from GMB and other channels that convert to customers and revenue. Know exactly where in the consumer journey consumers are calling from GMB, what previous channels and webpages they engaged with, and what actions they take next.

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Make Smarter Optimizations and Improve ROI

By tracking calls from GMB, paid search, and SEO, you have accurate, holistic data for search to determine when to adjust PPC spend for geos, run or discontinue Google Maps ads for locations, and ultimately drive more calls and conversions for less. You can also put GMB callers into the best audiences for retargeting, lookalikes, or suppressions based on the content of their conversations.

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Leverage Conversation Insights

Capture invaluable data and insights from phone conversations from GMB and gain direct access to the voice of your customers. With a searchable database of call recordings and transcriptions, you can:

  • See the questions callers ask and use them to improve content marketing, ad messaging, and SEO
  • Understand the tactics used on calls that lead to conversions
  • Use call recordings and transcriptions as coaching tools to improve sales conversion rates
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Track Calls Without Impacting
NAP Consistency

Using DialogTech call tracking numbers in your GMB listings, you can track the volume, value, and outcomes of calls from Google My Business without violating Google’s NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency. For those consumers that visit your website from GMB and then call, DialogTech’s DNI (dynamic number insertion technology) will attribute those callers to GMB also without violating NAP. So you get all the benefits of tracking calls without any negative impact on SEO.

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Better Data, Experiences, and Insights From Calls

Call Attribution

Measure how your GMB listings drive calls that convert to customers and revenue and get credit for every customer you generate.

Audience Segmentation

Segment GMB callers into audiences for retargeting, lookalike, and suppression campaigns based on the content of their conversations — even if the caller never visited your website.

Analytics on Location Performance

Measure if and how locations are answering and converting calls to detect and correct issues impacting conversions.

Block Spam Calls From Locations

Our industry-leading spam blocking technology stops spam calls from GMB from impacting service to customers.

Control Call Routing

Have calls routed automatically based on the caller’s location, day/time, location hours, location call handling performance, marketing source of the call, and more.

Assist Callers With IVRs

Easily build IVRs to automatically assist callers, route them to the best location, and provide basic information like location hours.

”I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It's enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments.”

— Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiative at GE Appliances · Read Their Story →

”Thanks to DialogTech‘s AI and call tracking data, we are driving more sales opportunities and caregivers to our franchisee network. It’s been transformative to our business.”

— Bryan Huber, Worldwide Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers · Read Their Story →

“DialogTech gives us complete visibility into what happens on the phones. We can look at call volume to any location and compare it to appointments. If there is a gap, we can pull up call recordings for that clinic in DialogTech to diagnose why calls aren’t turning into appointments and make corrections at the call center level to fix it.”

— Nic Peterson, Vice President of Growth and Marketing at Action Urgent Care · Read Their Story →

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