Call Tracking and Analytics Built for Enterprises

DialogTech provides unmatched marketing insights from consumer calls, backed by enterprise-grade security, compliance, scalability, and reliability.

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The Data and Insights You Want.
The Reliability and Compliance You Need.

Built for enterprises, only DialogTech combines the most accurate, scalable, and reliable conversation intelligence platform with security, privacy, and compliance. We give you access to the most insights into your call channel reliably and securely. It’s the best of both worlds.

Unmatched Insights from Consumer Calls

First and foremost, the right call tracking and analytics solution must provide deep, accurate, and actionable insights into your call channel. And no one does it better than DialogTech. Powered by AI, DialogTech captures and analyzes the entire context of every call. That data is visualized in reports, dashboards, alerts, and transcriptions and activated across your martech stack to provide the biggest impact on your business results.

Security and Compliance Without Compromise

PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, CCPA. DialogTech aligns with the latest privacy and security standards. We protect your data without limiting its value to your business:

  • Only In-House Solution: Other call tracking providers must transfer your call data to outside vendors to be compliant, exposing you to security breaches. DialogTech keeps your sensitive data protected in-house.
  • Access Your Full Data: You can’t get full value from a call tracking solution without getting full access to your data. Only DialogTech enables you to benefit from all your data — including call recordings and transcriptions — while remaining PCI DSS-compliant.

Reliability for the Most Demanding Businesses

Enterprises receiving millions of monthly calls trust DialogTech for the reliability of our service. Our system ensures calls to your business will connect, no matter your call volume:

  • Secure Infrastructure: We use session border controllers — multi-purpose devices that protect and regulate IP communications flows from VoIP networks — to secure our voice infrastructure.
  • Built-In Redundancies: Our systems use at least N+1 — and in some cases 2N — availability in an active-active or active-standby configuration.

Scalability for Your Most Demanding Times

As your needs grow, DialogTech scales with you. Even during your busiest times, your calls are always tracked, routed, and analyzed reliably and efficiently. Our direct connections with telco carriers give us competitive advantages, including:

  • Number Procurement: DialogTech’s built-in APIs enable you to easily procure pools of phone numbers (local, toll-free, and international) from carriers as needed for the best rates.
  • Seamless Routing: DialogTech intelligently routes millions of minutes of calls a day through multiple carriers, automatically detecting and bypassing any route experiencing issues.