Capture Data and Insights On Every Call

The DialogTech VMP measures exactly how your marketing campaigns and website generate calls and customers. For every caller, DialogTech captures complete attribution data, so you know exactly how to optimize media spend and website experiences to drive the most conversions and customers.

What Drove the Call:

  • Marketing channel
  • Ad creative
  • Campaign
  • Referring URL
  • Search keywords
  • Website behavior
  • Device, OS, and browser
  • Adtech/martech data

About the Caller:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Call history
  • Day and time of call
  • Call interaction
  • CRM data
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Personalize the Call Experience to Acquire More Customers

A phone call is the most powerful form of customer engagement. The DialogTech VMP gives marketers the power to optimize the caller experience to increase customer acquisition and loyalty. DialogTech determines in real time if a caller is a qualified lead and routes them to the location or agent best suited to convert them to a customer. Sales agents are then armed with insights on the caller that lead to better conversations and business results.

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Tap Into Rich Data for Actionable Insights

The DialogTech VMP captures and stores complete data on every caller, conversation, and call outcome marketers can leverage for amazing insights. Build a customized marketing blueprint to generate more of the right calls. Drive more revenue from digital ads by targeting past callers and new audiences likely to call and buy. Let AI and machine learning do all the analytics for you.

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Analyze Conversations to Prove and Improve Marketing ROI

The DialogTech VMP captures if calls from any marketing source to any destination are answered, what was said, and the outcome. Marketers can leverage sophisticated analytics tools – including artificial intelligence (AI) and voice algorithms -- to score each call and gain insight into the true impact of marketing programs, sales agent performance, and keywords callers speak on calls.

  • Where the call went
  • Call duration
  • What was said
  • If the call converted
  • Key spoken indicators
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Pass Call Data to CRM and Marketing Tools

The DialogTech VMP integrates seamlessly with your CRM and other marketing tools – giving you a complete view of customer activity, both online and over the phone. Now you can analyze and optimize your most important customer engagements – phone conversations – using the same processes and tools you use for online interactions.

Embrace the Conversation with DialogTech

The DialogTech VMP provides marketers with data and insight to get more customers calling. Contact us today to learn more.