Machine Learning Marketing with Conversation Intelligence

Get deep insights from phone conversations to improve your marketing and increase sales conversions using machine learning.

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DialogAnalytics™ Pro Provides AI & Machine-Learning Insights at Scale

For businesses generating tens of thousands of calls, DialogAnalytics Pro structures conversations to uncover meaningful insights to inform your marketing. Phone conversations can serve as a critical first-party data source that can be used as an input into planning and buying when structured and measured effectively. Unlock the power of AI to generate more qualified callers, deliver personalized call experiences, and convert more leads to customers.

Leverage Conversations as a First-Party Data Source

DialogTech unlocks the full power of AI to optimize how your business acquires customers over the phone and engages with past callers online. Machine-learning algorithms rapidly analyze the full context and outcome of every call to detect caller intent and product interest, measure missed opportunities or CX issues, and determine what audiences the caller should be added to for optimum digital ad targeting.

Easy-to-Deploy AI Solution for Scoring Calls on New and Historical Transcripts

DialogTech makes it easy for any business to harness the power of AI to optimize marketing and sales performance. Machine-learning algorithms analyze the full context of inbound calls, scoring conversations and delivering insights in easy-to-understand reports you can use to improve your business immediately.