Omni-Channel Marketing Dashboard for Holistic Analytics

Dashboard Insights™ combines all your marketing data from inbound calls and online activity in one customizable dashboard for smarter optimizations.

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Analyze All Your Data in One Place with Dashboard Insights

DialogTech’s Dashboard Insights is a customizable omni-channel marketing analytics reporting solution that enables you to measure the entire customer journey – online and over the phone. It takes the pain out of aggregating data from your various digital marketing sources to analyze results. All your data is beautifully visualized in easy-to-consume and easy-to-share marketing dashboards, reports, and KPIs to deliver actionable marketing insights.

Analyze Your Marketing and Call Data. All In One Dashboard.

A Fully Customizable Dashboard to Help You Visualize Your Marketing Goals

  • Create templates and share across multiple accounts
  • Tailor reports based on channels, campaigns, and metrics
  • Identify trends by analyzing performance over any timeframe
  • Schedule reports for yourself, your team, or your clients
  • Get alerted when KPIs are at risk of not being reached
  • Integrate data from Google, Facebook, and more

Accurate and Turnkey Reports in Minutes

With hundreds of available templates, widgets, and KPIs, DialogTech’s easy-to-use interface lets you drop in metrics across data sources with a click.

Automation Delivers Insights When You Need Them

Save time using DialogTech to automatically schedule and send your reports. Monthly, weekly, daily – whatever meets your needs or the needs of your clients.

Keep Track of Your KPIs

Decreasing CTR? Costs running too high? Let DialogTech keep an eye on what’s happening with your cross-channel marketing campaigns and website.