Deliver Personalized Call Experiences to Win Customers

Every customer experience is a moment of truth. Customers assume that you know who they are and what they want at all times, across all channels. If you raise expectations through advertising but fail to deliver when the customer calls, your business suffers.

Through a unique combination of data, technology, and integrations, DialogTech’s ExperienceHub makes it easy for marketers to control caller experiences to help businesses acquire and retain more customers.

Personalize Caller Experiences

Personalize Caller Experiences

Use intelligence on each caller to provide a seamless experience as they move from digital to voice.

Turn Callers into Customers

Turn Callers into Customers

Increase conversion rates and grow revenue by connecting callers with the best agent or location.

Align Marketing and Sales

Align Marketing and Sales

Empower sales agents with real-time marketing insights on callers they can use to close more business.

Own the Most Elusive Part of the Customer Experience: Inbound Calls

DialogTech’s ExperienceHub provides a complete solution for marketers to own and personalize the experience when customers call. It puts call routing control in the hands of marketers, making it easy for you to set up and update your routing rules in real time.

Route Callers to the Best Location Right Away

Using ExperienceHub, marketers can set up rules to automatically route callers to the optimal location or agent without having to involve any IT or outside departments. This gives marketing teams the power to:

  • Provide the best call experiences for customers
  • Convert more callers to customers
  • Reduce unanswered or abandoned calls
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Route by Caller Location

Route by Time of Day

Route by Day of Week

Route by Marketing Source

Route by Agent Expertise

Route by IVR Response

Route via Round Robin

Route to All Phones at Once

Route to Group of Agents

Route Unanswered Calls Differently

Qualify and Assist Callers with IVRs

DialogTech makes it easy for marketers to create your own custom IVR (interactive voice response) solutions in minutes to:

  • Qualify callers for intent
  • Transfer sales leads to the right location or sales agent
  • Block bad calls
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Arm Sales Agents with Insights on Callers

Getting shoppers to call is the first step — knowing what to say is the second. DialogTech helps sales agents have the right conversations right away by showing them information on:

  • Who the caller is
  • Where they are calling from
  • The marketing source that drove the call
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“DialogTech allows us to provide callers a personalized experience and helps us support our locations by sending them qualified callers.”

Melissa Zaino
Marketing Director at Bath Fitter

Integrate with Leading CRMs and Contact Center Solutions

DialogTech passes marketing insights on callers in real time to your business’s CRM system and contact center solution to automate the best experiences.

  • Channel & Ad
  • Search Keywords
  • Website Activity
  • Caller Information

A Complete Marketing Solution for Calls and Voice

Only DialogTech has everything marketers need to drive more of the conversations that drive growth.

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