Track Inbound Calls in Salesforce

Activate powerful insights from inbound calls in Salesforce to measure marketing ROI, increase sales, and grow revenue.

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Get Actionable Analytics on Callers Automatically —
Right in Salesforce

Consumers who call businesses are the most valuable leads — they convert faster, spend more, and stay loyal. For the insights to generate more high-value sales calls and convert them to customers, successful marketing and sales teams integrate DialogTech with Salesforce.

Combining DialogTech and Salesforce enables marketing teams to measure the true value of calls from their marketing, activate insights from conversations in their martech stack, and drive more sales conversions and revenue at a lower cost per lead. Sales teams get new intelligence on callers in Salesforce to better understand their prospects and customers, tailor follow-ups for those leads most likely to convert, and uncover the best tactics to turn callers into customers.

1. Call Tracking & Analytics

DialogTech captures complete analytics on what marketing interaction drove each call, who the caller is, and the content and outcome of the conversation.

2. Data Activation in Salesforce

DialogTech passes 100+ data points from calls to your Salesforce instance, including the call recording and AI-driven insights from the conversation.

3. Data-Driven Optimizations

With call tracking and analytics data in Salesforce, marketers can make smarter optimizations to increase revenue and ROI and sales teams have insights to win more business.

Track Calls From Marketing Source to Sale in Salesforce Reports

  • Eliminate the blind spot in your Salesforce reports by including callers.
  • Measure how calls from each channel, campaign, ad, search keyword, and website interaction convert to sales opportunities, customers, and revenue.
  • Get credit for every lead, opportunity, and customer generated by your marketing.
  • Optimize ad spend and strategy for what drives the most valuable leads at the lowest CPL.
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Leverage Recordings and Insights From Phone Conversations in Salesforce

  • Access call recordings and DialogTech data in Salesforce to streamline your workflow.
  • Discover if a call was a sales opportunity or a sales conversion, their lead score, if the caller left a voicemail, and if the call triggered any keyword groups like price/time sensitivity or urgency.
  • Use recordings as sales coaching tools to correct issues and democratize best practices for converting callers to customers.
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Capture Actionable Intelligence on Every Caller in Salesforce

  • For every call, DialogTech creates a call detail record in Salesforce with in-depth information on the caller and conversation, providing more complete caller profiles and arming sales teams with insights to close sales.
  • For callers that are existing leads, DialogTech automatically links the call record to the caller’s lead/contact record.
  • For new leads, DialogTech adds the call detail data to their Salesforce record automatically when it’s created.

View a Queue of Missed Calls to Recover Lost Sales Opportunities

  • If calls go unanswered, DialogTech lists them in a Missed Call report for easy access, including a link to the call record that includes caller data, the voicemail recording, and lead score you can use to better prioritize follow-ups and recapture lost sales opportunities.
  • Understanding the marketing source that drove the call, including the search keyword or webpage they called from, sets your sales agents up for successful follow-ups.