Microsoft Advertising

View call data within Microsoft Advertising and optimize for what drives the best conversions, online and over the phone.

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View Call Data Within Microsoft Advertising and Optimize for What Drives the Best Conversions, Online and Over the Phone

Microsoft Advertising search ads generate billions of calls to businesses each year. DialogTech makes those calls as measurable and optimizable as clicks. Understand exactly how your keywords, ads, and webpages drive calls and customers. Optimize bids, targeting, and messaging for what drives the best conversions at the lowest costs.

View Keyword-Level Call Datain Microsoft Advertising

DialogTech integrates with Microsoft Advertising to enable businesses and agencies to track and analyze calls within their Microsoft Advertising accounts. By connecting calls from Microsoft Advertising search ads at the campaign and keyword levels, DialogTech makes it easy to see exactly how to generate the biggest impact from your search budgets, both online and offline.

Bring Your Microsoft Advertising Data into DialogTech

Pass your Microsoft Advertising data into DialogTech to visualize it with your DialogTech, AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp data in a customizable marketing dashboard. Automate reports and alerts to ensure you hit KPIs.