Track Inbound Phone Calls in HubSpot

Capture and analyze data from inbound phone calls in HubSpot for insights to measure marketing results, understand customer journeys, and grow revenue.

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Capture Actionable Marketing Insights on Inbound Phone Calls Right in HubSpot With DialogTech

Consumers who call businesses are the most valuable leads — they convert faster, spend more, and stay loyal. For the insights to generate more high-value sales calls and convert them to customers, successful marketing and sales teams integrate DialogTech with HubSpot.

When consumers call, DialogTech’s call tracking and analytics solution captures who the caller is, attributes the marketing source of the call, records the conversation, and more. That call is then logged as an event in the caller’s HubSpot record, along with all the data on the caller and conversation. Integrating DialogTech’s call data in HubSpot completes your view of the customer journey and enables you to measure the true impact of your marketing channels and spend.

1. Call Tracking & Analytics

DialogTech captures analytics on what marketing interaction drove each call, who the caller is, and the content of the conversation.

2. Data Activation in HubSpot

DialogTech automatically logs all those data points from inbound calls in your HubSpot instance, including links to the call recording.

3. Data-Driven Optimizations

With call tracking data in HubSpot, marketers can make smarter optimizations and sales teams have insights to win more business.

View Phone Calls as Unique Events in HubSpot Contacts

  • Log inbound calls as events in the caller’s HubSpot record (if one already exists) that are automatically mapped as custom contact properties.
  • Capture calls from new contacts as form leads — add the call as an event to the contact record when it’s created.
  • Understand when in the customer journey your consumers call and why.
  • Analyze, segment, and score contacts based on inbound phone call events.

Include Phone Calls in Your HubSpot Reports & Dashboards

  • Analyze how calls from your marketing drive leads, customers, and revenue.
  • Prove the true ROI of your campaigns and spend by including results from phone calls.
  • Understand the value of calls from each source and invest in what drives the best ROAS.
  • Import revenue data from calls into Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more to fuel smarter optimizations.