Track Phone Calls in
Google Analytics

Eliminate the blind spot in your Google Analytics data with
AI-powered call tracking and analytics from DialogTech.

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Track Calls in Google Analytics for Smarter Marketing
and Better Optimizations

DialogTech’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution provides the missing call data you need in Google Analytics. DialogTech captures who the caller is and the marketing interaction that drove the call, then AI analyzes the conversation and call experience for insights specific to your business. That data is passed to Google Analytics to complete your view of the customer journey and can then be activated in Google Ads, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, and other tools to help drive better results.

Prove Marketing’s Value

Measure the true impact on revenue of every channel, campaign, and keyword and get credit for all conversions, online and over the phone.

Drive Revenue & Cut CPL

Use call data to make smarter optimizations to paid media, SEO, site content, and more to drive more conversions and customers and lower CPL.

Tailor to Your Audiences

Build audiences based on phone conversations to target the right consumers with the right ads at the right time across search, social, display, and more.

Accurate Call
Conversion Reports

Now that Google Analytics is accurately reporting on what’s happening in your call channel and the value of each call, you have a holistic view of consumer behavior. You can measure the conversions and revenue of all your channels, ads, keywords, campaigns, and webpages and can then optimize for what drives the most customers and revenue at the lowest CPL.

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Insights Into Your Call Channel

With DialogTech, you can view in Google Analytics where in the customer journey consumers call and why. Uncover negative consumer interactions you didn’t know were happening, like complaint calls and hangups, or see the impact of COVID-19 on conversion rates. Understanding the call channel can help you correct issues impacting conversions and ROI.

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