Track Callers From Keyword to Customer in Google Ads

Generate more customers at a lower CPL from your search, display, and YouTube campaigns with AI-powered call tracking and analytics in Google Ads.

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Optimize ROI with AI-Driven Insights on Calls —
Right in Google Ads

DialogTech attributes calls from your Google search, display, and YouTube ads and uses AI and machine learning to analyze the conversations for insights. Every call is accurately tracked to the campaign, ad, and keyword and connected to the caller via caller ID and click ID. DialogTech’s AI then analyzes phone conversations to measure sales lead quality, conversion outcomes, and more, activating data on call volume and value in Google Ads to accurately measure ROI, segment callers into the right audiences, and optimize spend to increase revenue and ROAS. Get better results from manual bidding and Google Ads Smart Bidding by optimizing for what’s driving the most valuable call conversions — not just the most calls.

Understand Callers

Attribute every call from search, display, and YouTube ads and have AI analyze conversations for caller intent, outcome, and more.

Personalize Experiences

Use insights from phone conversations to improve audience targeting and acquire more customers at a lower CPL.

Optimize Results

Optimize bid strategies, audience targeting, and messaging for what drives the most business — online and over the phone.

Get Actionable Insights for Every Call in Google Ads

DialogTech captures complete attribution down to the keyword for every call from your Google Ads campaigns — whether from a landing page or call extension. AI then analyzes the conversation, so you can see what campaigns, ads, keywords, devices, days/times, locations, and webpages drive not only the most calls but the most customers. DialogTech pushes this conversation intelligence data to Google Ads, so you can see if the call was a sales opportunity, the call’s lead score, if the call resulted in a sale, or if there was a CX issue within Google Ads itself.

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Put Callers in the Right Retargeting and Lookalike Campaigns

When someone calls any of your business locations from any channel, DialogTech’s AI measures the intent and outcome of the call. It can pass that caller to Google Ads and add them to the best retargeting or lookalike campaign — or exclude them from seeing your ads.