Track Calls in Facebook Ads Manager

Activate powerful insights from inbound calls in Facebook Ads Manager to increase ROAS and build higher-converting audiences.

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Optimize for the Facebook Ads and Audiences
Driving the Most Valuable Calls

Get the call data to increase revenue and ROAS from your social ads with DialogTech. DialogTech tracks calls from your Facebook and Instagram ads and helps connect each call to downstream revenue. You can then activate intelligence on the volume and value of calls from your Facebook and Instagram ads in Facebook Ads Manager to fuel more powerful optimizations. DialogTech’s AI also analyzes each phone conversation to measure lead quality, conversion outcome, and more so you can add callers to the best Custom and Lookalike Audiences based on their conversations.

1. Call Tracking & Analytics

DialogTech captures complete analytics on what marketing interaction drove each call, who the caller is, and the content and outcome of the conversation.

2. Data Activation in Facebook Ads Manager

DialogTech passes attribution data and audiences into Facebook Ads Manager. You can also connect calls to revenue in your CRM and push revenue matchback data into Facebook Ads Manager.

3. Data-Driven Optimizations

With call attribution and revenue data in Facebook Ads Manager, marketers can make smarter optimizations to improve ROAS. You can also add callers to the best Custom and Lookalike Audiences based on their conversations.

Gain a Holistic View of Social Ad Performance

  • View both online conversions and phone leads in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Leverage more complete conversion data in the place you optimize your campaigns
  • Understand how Facebook and Instagram ads drive phone call conversions with revenue matchback

Optimize to Drive More Callers and Customers

  • Close the loop on attribution by analyzing what happens on each call and optimizing for ads driving the right callers
  • Boost your Facebook and Instagram ROAS by investing in what generates the best conversions, both online and over the phone
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Re-Engage Past Callers and New Audiences Likely to Call

  • Retarget past callers (both leads and customers) with the right ads based on their conversations
  • Expand your reach by targeting new lookalike audiences based on your most valuable callers
  • Exclude past callers from seeing ads aimed at driving new leads or online conversions
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