Conversation Analytics

Know which callers are quality leads, if they converted, and what’s said on the call

Know What Happens on Calls

Know What Happens on Calls

Capture if calls to any business location, agent, or call center are answered, what was said, and the outcome.

Analyze Conversations for Insights

Analyze Conversations for Insights

Score lead quality, optimize for keywords callers speak, connect sales agent performance to outcomes, and more.

Drive Engagements that Drive Revenue

Drive Engagements that Drive Revenue

Optimize marketing spend, website interactions, and caller experiences to drive revenue and customer loyalty.

Learn how Comfort Keepers proves marketing ROI to franchisees with conversation analytics.

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When It Comes to Calls, Marketers Have Lots of Questions

“Call volume is up, but am I driving the right type of calls?”

“Are the calls I’m delivering to each location being answered?”

“Am I optimizing on the search keywords callers really say?”

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“Are we providing the best customer experience - online and offline?”

“Which marketing interactions drive the most good calls?”

“Are callers having the right experiences with sales agents?”

“How much revenue comes from the call channel?”

DialogTech Gives Marketers the Answers

Filter Conversations for Faster Insights

DialogTech can record and transcribe every conversation from your marketing. You can then filter conversations by marketing source, caller location, spoken keywords, and more and drill into each conversation to evaluate lead quality, call experience, and outcome.

Filter and analyze calls for insights

Chart showing DialogTech conversation analytics

Have Artificial Intelligence Do the Analysis for You

If you don’t have time or resources to analyze conversations, DialogTech’s artificial intelligence (AI) does it for you. Using industry-leading machine-learning technology powered by Google and Nuance, DialogTech automatically tells you which marketing sources are driving quality calls, which calls went unanswered, why calls are converting, or any other insight.

Have AI do the analytics for you

Chart showing DialogTech Conversation Insight

“There is huge value in understanding which keywords callers actually speak during the call.”

Seth Lueck

Senior Online Marketing & SEM Manager at Sylvan

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