Convert More Calls to Customers With Contextual Call Routing

Set up rules in DialogTech to have each caller routed optimally for the best experience. ExperienceHub offers the widest range of routing options to choose from, including time of day, the marketing source that drove the call, caller location, agent skillset, and more. Route calls to any store location, office, call center, agent or IVR — works for every phone system and device.

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Chart showing call routing schedule configuration
Screenshot showing ability to edit call routing schedule with simple drop-down menus

Simple Interface Makes It Easy to Configure Routing Rules

DialogTech is built for marketers to use, not IT. We make it easy for anyone to set up sophisticated call routing rules and processes. Simply determine the ideal way to route callers to your business and the DialogTech interface walks you through the setup quickly and easily. Then make changes to routing rules for any active marketing campaign on the fly without touching the ads or web content.

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View Real-Time Call Routing Reports

Monitor call routing activity within DialogTech with real-time reports. Provide location-specific reports to any store or fanchisee to prove how many calls you send them. View who is receiving the most and least calls from each marketing source. Detect trends in call activity and correct potential issues before they impact the business.

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Screenshot showing ability to edit call routing schedule with simple drop-down menus
“With DialogTech we can personalize the caller experience by automatically transferring prospective customers with high buying intent directly to the right sales team.”

Idrees Khan
Assistant Director at Copart

Choose the Best Ways to Route Callers

Route Callers Based on Marketing Source, Product, or Service

Use DialogTech’s SourceTrak to identify the digital marketing source (keyword search, ad, webpage, or campaign) that drove the call and automatically have the caller routed to the right sales agent or location.

Route by the Caller’s Physical Location

Automatically detect a caller’s exact location using geolocation and route them to the most appropriate store, office, or agent. Works for calls from any device — mobile and landlines.

Route Calls by Day and Time

Create custom routing based on your office hours, the time zones of your customers, weekends, holidays, and more.

Route Calls by Agent Skillset and Performance

Ensure your best performing reps receive the most calls by routing a higher percentage to your best agents.

Route Repeat Callers to the Right Destination

Send callers who have called before to the agent or location that handled their initial call — or send them to a department like Customer Support.

Route Calls Differently During Peak Times

Create custom routing rules to share calls between multiple call centers or locations during periods of high call activity.

Send Callers to a Customizable IVR

Easily build your own custom IVRs to allow inbound callers to select how they should be routed. Access reports to review IVR performance and caller responses. Get insight into how many calls from your marketing are going to sales vs support agents, store locations, or other destinations.

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screenshot of phone number routing options

Reach Agents Anywhere on Any Phone with FindMe Call Forwarding

Never let important calls go unanswered. Route incoming calls to different types of phones (cell phone, work phone, home phone, Skype) and agents based on various schedules, including:

Simultaneous Ringing

Ring an agent’s home, work, and cell phone simultaneously to ensure that the call is answered.

Specific Ring Order

Ring an agent’s phones in a specific order, such as work phone first, cell phone second, home phone third, etc.

Multi-Agent Ringing

Ring several agents’ phone numbers at the same time. The first agent who answers gets the call, even if they are working from home.

Office Schedule

Forward calls to specific agents based on your office schedule.

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