Better Media Optimization Starts with Better Data

Optimize for the entire customer journey — online and offline — with call tracking data from DialogTech’s SourceIQ™.

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SourceIQ Empowers Media Optimization Through Better Attribution

In modern marketing, it’s not just about what media you buy, it’s how you plan and optimize it. Prove and optimize how your marketing drives calls and sales from every channel — digital, mobile, and offline — at granular levels.

Data-Driven Media Optimization

To be competitive, modern marketers leverage multiple datasets to draw insights. The more context they have around a desired outcome, the harder they can make the media spend driving that outcome work. SourceIQ’s multi-touch, omni-channel call attribution capabilities are designed to empower marketers in modern and complex media landscapes.

Contextual Optimization

Leverage SourceIQ’s powerful source, geographic, and time data to understand where and when your customers are engaging with your brand. Minimize dissonance and inefficient media across search, display, and social programs by investing in the times and locations where your customers are most likely to convert.

Data-Driven Budget Allocation

SourceIQ’s granular attribution captures everything about online activity that led to phone calls taking place. Optimize search keyword bidding based on their propensity to generate valuable offline engagement. Leverage call attribution to accurately assess what display campaigns are resonating with customers. Use UTM code-level granularity to optimize omni-channel program budgets.