Call Analytics for Deep Consumer Insights

Analyze historical call transcriptions and recordings for actionable insights to improve marketing and sales performance.

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Quickly Analyze Call Recordings and Transcriptions to Optimize Marketing and Sales

For marketers and agencies, understanding what happens on the calls your marketing generates can be extremely valuable, but it can also be a challenge. No one has time to listen to recordings or read transcriptions of hundreds — or even thousands — of calls a month. Furthermore, conversations are not structured datasets like other first-party sources like web analytics.

DialogTech’s call analytics solution, DialogAnalytics™, makes it easy to run detailed analyses of actual conversations to determine what marketing sources drive “good” calls, if sales agents followed scripts or mentioned promos, what keywords or questions the caller spoke, and more. It then structures this data to be used as a first-party data set to inform media buying, content optimization, and strategic planning.

The Voice of the Customer, at Scale, at Your Fingertips

DialogAnalytics is the most accurate conversation intelligence solution for marketers. It gives you the power to search conversations from any marketing source, geographic location, time of day, and more to find every call where the words you care about were spoken. You can then drill into each transcribed and recorded conversation for more detail.

Drill into Transcribed and Recorded Conversation for More Detail

Analyze calls to any location, franchisee, remote agent, or call center. Discover calls where the exact word or phrase — or close variation — is spoken. Organize keywords and phrases into groups or categories to make searches more efficient.