AI-Driven Conversation Analytics for Actionable Marketing and Sales Insights

Powered by AI, DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics analyzes conversations to provide marketing and sales teams a wealth of insights for smarter optimizations. With the power of conversation intelligence, you can learn which channels, ads, keywords, and webpages drive the best sales calls, if the caller converted, and more.

AI analyzes how calls are handled at locations and call centers to detect issues that negatively impact ROI. See what percentage of calls go unanswered and who is best (and worst) at converting callers to appointments and customers. Get email alerts when phone leads are mishandled at locations so those leads can be called back right away.

Capture What Happens on Every Call

Get recordings and transcriptions of every call to every location stored in a centralized database you can access for unmatched insights into your callers.

Analyze Conversations for Insights

Have AI analyze each conversation to measure caller intent, lead quality, conversion outcome, location performance, and more at scale.

Drive Engagements that Drive Revenue

Optimize your marketing spend, audience targeting, messaging, and caller experiences for what really drives the most conversions and revenue.

“Thanks to DialogTech’s AI and call tracking data, we are driving more sales opportunities and caregivers to our franchisee network. It’s been transformative to our business.”

— Bryan Huber, Worldwide Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers · Read Their Story →

“I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides. It’s enabled us to generate more of the right callers from our marketing and better convert them to service appointments.”

— Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances · Read Their Story →

DialogAnalytics Answers the Questions Impacting Your Marketing ROI

“Call volume is up, but am I driving the right type of calls?”

“What ads should I use to best retarget this caller?”

“Are the calls I’m delivering to each location being answered?”

“Am I optimizing on the search keywords callers really say?”

“Are we providing the best customer experience — online and offline?”

“Which marketing interactions drive the most good calls?”

“Are callers having the right experiences with sales agents?”

“How much revenue comes from the call channel?”

Easy-to-Deploy AI Solution for Analyzing and Scoring Conversations

DialogAnalytics makes it easy for any business to harness the power of AI to optimize marketing and sales performance.

  • AI algorithms analyze the full context of inbound calls, scoring conversations and location/agent performance
  • View insights in easy-to-understand reports you can use to improve your business immediately
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Enterprise-Class Machine Learning Custom-Built for Your Business

Using insights from over 1 billion analyzed phone calls, DialogAnalytics has AI algorithms tailored to your businesses, capturing the most accurate, actionable insights from conversations.

  • Understand which marketing sources drive the most high-quality phone leads
  • Optimize for what drives the most valuable conversions at the lowest costs
  • Understand why calls are converting or why they aren’t at every location

Filter and Analyze Transcriptions to Inform Content and Media Strategies

DialogAnalytics records and accurately transcribes every call generated by your marketing, storing all historic call data in a searchable database.

  • Filter conversations by marketing source, location, spoken words, and more to see every call that applies
  • Drill into any conversation to understand agent/location performance and outcomes
  • See the questions caller ask and the reasons why they call and apply those learnings to improve marketing performance
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Alert Locations of Issues with Specific Callers

DialogAnalytics detects when issues occur on calls to any location and emails alert notification so managers can take action.

  • Recover lost sales opportunities by calling back hot leads that didn’t convert
  • Contact callers that experiences CX issues before they churn or post negative reviews
  • Get alerted when high volumes of calls to a location go unanswered

Segment Audiences Based on Their Conversations


Drive revenue by retargeting callers who didn’t convert with the best ads to win their business.


Acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences resembling your most valuable callers.


Eliminate wasted ad spend by excluding past callers from campaigns that aren’t relevant.

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