DialogTech Partners With LiveRamp to Bring Call Conversion Data Into Enterprise Marketing Stacks

Chicago October 13, 2016– DialogTech, providers of the leading call attribution platform for marketers today announced a partnership with LiveRamp™, the leader in data connectivity and onboarding. The partnership enables businesses to incorporate DialogTech’s call conversion attribution data within their LiveRamp-connected marketing platforms, helping marketers increase leads and revenue from digital channels by more effectively measuring and optimizing for the entire customer journey, whether a consumer converts online or over the phone. The integration, which enables marketers to send DialogTech call data to over 350 LiveRamp connected partners, plays a key role in powering the new DialogTech for Display solution that was announced earlier this week.

Smartphones have transformed the way consumers research purchases and engage with digital marketing. Now, instead of following the traditional desktop-centric path of converting by filling out a web form, many consumers convert by calling. With this partnership, marketers can now use LiveRamp to distribute call conversion data captured by DialogTech into their other marketing platforms – including marketing automation tools, demand-side platforms (DSPs), data management platforms (DMPs) and multi-touch attribution platforms – to map the entire customer journey, build unique audiences of highly engaged callers, improve audience targeting and ultimately prove and improve return on ad spend.

“Businesses rely on LiveRamp to make their marketing platforms more valuable by enabling them to access more customer data,” said Anneka Gupta, chief product officer of LiveRamp. “DialogTech’s call attribution platform provides a critical piece to the marketing analytics and optimization puzzle businesses need to measure and improve digital advertising ROI.”

This partnership plays a critical role in the new DialogTech for Display solution, the industry’s most comprehensive marketing solution for optimizing call conversions from display. The DialogTech display solution enables marketers to increase leads and revenue through enhanced audience targeting, click-to-call display ads and view-through attribution for any call conversion influenced by display.

“Through this partnership with LiveRamp, DialogTech is able to provide marketers the missing call data they need to optimize return on ad spend from display and see the complete impact call conversions have on the customer journey,” said Josh Mallamud, senior vice president of Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development at DialogTech. “We are thrilled to partner with LiveRamp to further extend our platform within this fundamentally important, and rapidly expanding, channel, especially given that we consider native, video and programmatic TV as fitting squarely within this ecosystem.”

Businesses interested in adding call conversion attribution data to their LiveRamp connected marketing platforms should contact DialogTech.

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LiveRamp connects more than 350 digital marketing platforms and data providers. By onboarding customer data into the targeting, measurement, and personalization products developed by our partners, we help leading brands eliminate data silos and run more efficient marketing programs. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company, delivering privacy-safe solutions to market and honoring the best practices of leading associations including the Digital Advertising Alliances (DAA) ICON and App Choices programs. For more information, visit www.liveramp.com/.

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