Calls are the most valuable lead. DialogTech seamlessly integrates in real time with CAKE to provide users with the ability to attribute, route, and monitor calls from any marketing source.

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Get Complete Attribution and Full Routing Control Over Your Most Valuable Leads: Phone Calls

With DialogTech, CAKE users get:

  • Deep insights into call data and campaign performance
  • A wide range of customizable call routing workflows and business rules
  • Full credit for every phone lead you send to buyers
  • Transparency and control over every phone conversation

The Industry Standard in Call Attribution for Lead Sellers

DialogTech provides lead gen agencies, affiliate marketers, and other CAKE users with the most advanced call attribution and monitoring solution. DialogTech’s call data integrates seamless with the CAKE platform in real time. You get complete insight into which campaigns are actually driving calls, which campaigns are not as successful, and guidance to optimize digital marketing spend accordingly.

Route the Right Phone Leads to the Right Buyers

DialogTech’s LeadFlow™ technology gives you complete, real-time control over where every phone lead is sent. LeadFlow also ensures you get credit for every valid phone lead. No other solution gives performance marketers this level of control and insight:

  • Assign a priority to each buyer to determine the call routing order
  • Route calls to buyers sequentially via round-robin method
  • Only send buyers calls from the countries/states they request during the right days and times
  • Establish a minimum duration a call must last to be counted as a valid lead
  • Send repeat callers from the same lead to the same buyer without double-charging

Cost-Effective Solution Backed by Industry-Leading Customer Support

DialogTech offers the most flexible, affordable pricing options that don’t lock you into costly packages. And our customer support is second to none and always available by phone — free of charge — to help you solve your challenges.

“By using CAKE and DialogTech together, we now run truly innovative online and pay-per-call campaigns that drive significant value.”

— Henry Whitfield, Senior Affiliate Manager at F5 Media · Read Their Story

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