Integrate Intelligent Voice Broadcasting into Your Marketing and Sales

Have you tried voice broadcasting? It’s an automated phone call that is an effective alternative to email. Voice broadcasts are ideal for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotion, payment collection, and customer surveys.

And now technologies exist today that make it easy for marketers and salespeople to craft personalized and interactive voice broadcasts.

Download this voice broadcasting white paper to learn the specific use cases that marketers and sales teams are implementing today to:

  • Market personalized promotions to customers
  • Conduct outbound customer satisfaction surveys
  • Confirm, cancel or change upcoming appointments
  • Fill and sell available inventory
  • Notify customers of product updates or urgent messages

Learn how marketing and sales professionals are using intelligent voice broadcasts to cut costs, save time, and generate leads and revenue. Get the inside scoop on specific use cases for intelligent voice broadcasting with this white paper.

Increase revenue and save your employees hours on end each week with automated, intelligent voice broadcasting.

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