The Definitive Guide to Call Tracking for Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most popular vehicles for outbound marketing. Despite the abundance of articles and blog posts proclaiming the death of email marketing a benchmark report from MarketingSherpa found that 64% of companies planned to increase their 2013 investment in email marketing.

Your email marketing campaigns could be driving high-quality sales calls that are adding to your sales pipeline and driving revenue, but traditional marketing automation systems can't track them. Those phone leads won’t show up in your marketing automation reports and won’t be properly attributed to your email in CRM reports.

If email marketing campaigns are important to your marketing strategy, then tracking every lead (especially high-value phone leads) back to specific programs is important. This white paper explains how to do it.

Learn how to:

  • Get credit for every lead your email marketing campaigns generate
  • Generate more phone calls from your email marketing
  • Improve your email nurturing campaigns

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Recognized as the leader in call tracking, DialogTech enables businesses and agencies to optimize marketing and sales to convert more callers to customers.

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