7 Impactful Ways to Use Call Data in Your Marketing Stack

Only 33% of marketers have taken action to implement or integrate new technologies and data. It’s clear many of us still have a ways to go in getting more out of our marketing stack.

In fact, DialogTech can help you do some amazing things with phone calls within your existing marketing tools. Things that have a significant impact on marketing ROI and customer acquisition. Things you can do right now, today, but might not know it. That’s why we launched a monthly webinar series to show you how to get the most value from DialogTech.

In our third episode, “7 Impactful Ways to Use Call Data in Your Marketing Stack,” we’re breaking down 7 ways you can use call data within your existing marketing tools that you probably didn’t know. Get ready to learn more about your CRM, bid management, web analytics, and other marketing tools than you ever thought possible.