The Time for Quick Pivots Is Over: Prepare Your Marketing for the Lasting Impact of Industry Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every industry, influenced new consumer and patient behavior trends, and re-emphasized just how crucial the call channel is in the omnichannel journey. The time for quick pivots is over. These changes will have a lasting impact and marketers need to take note.

So what marketing and call channel lessons have businesses learned so far — and how should you plan for the long game? Our industry experts are here to help. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll get insights on:

  • The consumer and patient trends you should watch for the B2C, financial services, and healthcare industries
  • How we’ve seen businesses optimize the call channel to respond to these new trends, improve caller experiences, and drive more leads from the start of COVID-19 to now — and what we expect to see in the future
  • Why developing a long-term call attribution and analytics strategy is vital for business growth


  • Jennifer Bassik
    VP of Marketing Strategy

  • Lyndey Brock
    Director of Customer Success, Healthcare

  • Mitchell Avery
    Customer Success Manager, Consumer

  • Caitlin Ristau
    Customer Success Manager, Financial Services

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