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How to Leverage Customer Data and Your CRM Strategy to Become a Better Partner

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the nature of brand and customer relationships is changing. Now more than ever before, customers are looking for partners to help them navigate new realities — and brands have a new opportunity to forge deeper relationships with their audiences.

That’s why an effective and impactful CRM strategy is so vital right now. Melissa Berger, SVP of Connections Strategy at Digitas, and Dave McAnally, VP of Marketing at DialogTech, discuss how to leverage data within your customer base and CRM to become a more empathetic and meaningful partner for your customers.


  • Melissa Berger
    SVP Connections Strategy, NA CRM Lead

  • Dave McAnally
    VP of Marketing


  • Jennie Pisnoy
    Director of Agency and Partner Development

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