They say all politics is local. The same holds true for digital advertising. Whether your brand has one location or one thousand, there are proven localization strategies all businesses can use to drive more customers from AdWords and Facebook campaigns.

Join us for this webinar as we take a deep-dive into 10 strategies to localize paid search and Facebook ads to generate more conversions and revenue. As mobile-first consumers move between online and offline channels, you must optimize campaigns at every touchpoint to make it easy to convert whichever way they want. This webinar will explain ways to:

  • Localize AdWords and Facebook campaigns to acquire more customers
  • Use what happens online and on calls to personalize customer experiences
  • Combine location and behavior targeting to deliver more relevant ads
  • Use omni-channel attribution and analytics strategies to prove ROI


Katie King
Marketing Associate

Blair Symes
Director of Content Marketing

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