How Home Franchise Concepts Uses DialogTech to Drive More Appointment Calls to Franchisees

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is a leading home services franchisor with 1,700 franchisees across 10,000 cities. For HFC’s franchisees, the phone call is the primary channel for customers to inquire about services and book appointments. At the corporate level, HFC taps into DialogTech’s dashboards to monitor national campaign performance and identify which campaigns drive the highest-quality calls. Franchisees also leverage AI-driven call tracking to get insights into how local marketing campaigns drive calls and appointments, as well as use call recordings to train agents and improve CX.

By growing their relationship with DialogTech — from call routing and IVRs to AI-powered conversation intelligence — HFC can now identify which campaigns driving the most valuable appointment calls, integrate this data in Google Ads and Google Analytics, and make optimizations that drive more of these valuable calls to their franchisees. Marketing Analyst Allie Todisco shares how DialogTech has been a “critical piece” in growing their analytics.

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