BitCadet Uses DialogTech to Help VersaTube Drive More Revenue

Online Marketing Firm BitCadet Uses DialogTech to Help VersaTube Increase Leads by 208% and Sales by 89%

Stage One: Generate and Track Leads from Online Marketing

First, BitCadet redesigned VersaTube’s website to make it more effective at generating leads by driving visitors to fill out a Request a Quote form or call a toll-free phone number to speak with a VersaTube sales rep. BitCadet also used email campaigns and Google PPC ads to do the same.

While the web leads could be tracked using Google Analytics and VersaTube’s CRM system, BitCadet needed a way to track phone leads from the website, Google ads, and emails. “Proving the effectiveness of our initiatives to clients is critical,” said Dusty Dean, CEO of BitCadet, “and that means being able to measure both the web leads and phone leads we were generating. The phone lead data was especially important, since phone leads for VersaTube convert to a sale at twice the rate of web leads.”

To do it, they turned to DialogTech. DialogTech’s call tracking technology provided BitCadet with unique, trackable toll-free numbers they could use in VersaTube’s email marketing campaigns, Google PPC ads, and web pages. Using DialogTech, BitCadet could see exactly how many phone calls each of their campaigns were generating.

“DialogTech’s call tracking technology enabled BitCadet to prove to our client how our online marketing programs increased leads by 208% and sales by 89% year over year,” said Dean. And since DialogTech’s software integrates with Google Analytics, that call tracking data was now also available alongside VersaTube’s web data in their Google Analytics account. “DialogTech’s integration with Google Analytics gave us truly closed-loop reporting data we could use to update marketing campaigns for optimal performance. We were able to share this data with our clients in weekly meetings to demonstrate ROI and guide important decisions.”

Stage Two: Convert More Phone Leads Using Custom Call Routing

Next, to make sure valuable phone leads were answered quickly, BitCadet used DialogTech’s call routing solution to set up a virtual call center for VersaTube’s distributed sales team. BitCadet set up custom call routing rules specific to their client’s needs:

  • DialogTech sends incoming phone leads to each sales agent’s cell phone simultaneously for 30 seconds. The first agent who answers gets the call.
  • If no rep answers, the call is then routed to VersaTube’s main office receptionist.
  • Calls that came in at the beginning of the day were sent to VersaTube’s agents on the east coast, and calls that came in after 5 p.m. ET were automatically routed to agents still working on the west coast.

“Because phone leads were so valuable, it was important that every one got answered as quickly and correctly,” said Dean. “DialogTech’s call routing technology enabled BitCadet to send phone leads to sales agents’ cell phones in the field at once, ensuring that each call got handled fast and effectively.”

Stage Three: Improve Agent Performance Using Call Reporting and Recording

Finally, to help VersaTube close more sales from phone leads, BitCadet monitored VersaTube’s sales agents’ call activity using DialogTech’s call reporting and recording.

With DialogTech, BitCadet was able to show their client how many calls each agent was taking and the length of each call. DialogTech also provided audio recordings of each conversation for quality assurance. “DialogTech’s reporting data on sales agents’ call activity and the audio recordings of each call was a real eye-opener for our client,” said Dean. “They were able to measure each agent’s effectiveness, understand why some sales closed and others didn’t, and make improvements to close more deals.”

The End Result: More Leads and More Sales for BitCadet’s Client

Since implementing their online marketing campaigns backed by DialogTech’s technology, BitCadet has seen a 208% increase in leads, and VersaTube has increased their sales by 89%.

“We started with one problem that we wanted to solve, which was a gap in our knowledge of where our leads were coming from. When we got to working with DialogTech we discovered all of these other cool tools we could use to monitor, route, record, and report on call activity,” said Dean. “And DialogTech’s customer support staff were extremely helpful in getting each new stage of the program up and running.”

BitCadet is an online marketing agency specializing in conversion rate optimization. VersaTube, a producer of DIY building kits, came to BitCadet looking for ways to drive more revenue by generating leads and conversions through online marketing. Using a staged approach that included a website redesign, email and Google PPC ad campaigns, and implementing DialogTech’s call tracking and call routing technology, BitCadet was able to help VersaTube:

  • Improve lead generation by 208%
  • Increase revenue by 89% year over year

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