GE Appliances Converts More Calls to Service Appointments with DAC and DialogTech

One of the world’s best-known brands, GE Appliances makes life better by manufacturing the world’s best appliances. If those appliances need professional care, they have a team of highly skilled and GE-certified technicians in more than 300 cities nationwide who have the expertise to do the job right.

GE Appliances has been partnering with digital marketing agency DAC for over a decade to grow their business. DAC employs a wide mix of data-driven digital strategies to drive more appointments for out-of-warranty repairs — GE Appliances’s most lucrative line of business — including hyper-local paid search, SEO, paid social, display, and listings management.

Granular Attribution of Phone Calls with DialogTech’s SourceIQ™

Around 70% of the service requests DAC generates for GE Appliances come in over the phone. So in 2017, they began using DialogTech’s SourceIQ call tracking solution to make those phone calls as measurable and optimizable as clicks, whether the calls come from a landing page or search ad extension.

“Right away, DialogTech made it easy for us to see exactly how our channels, ads, search keywords, and landing pages drive calls to the GE Appliance call center,” said David Mabry, DAC’s account manager for GE Appliances. “We could more accurately measure digital marketing performance and make smarter optimizations to increase leads while reducing CPL.”

DAC also integrates call data from DialogTech with Google Analytics and Search Ads 360. “Passing keyword-level call data from DialogTech into Search Ads 360 had an immediate impact, enabling us to optimize PPC bid strategies to drive more phone leads at a lower cost,” said Mabry.

By including call attribution data from DialogTech as part of their overall digital strategy, DAC increased total leads for GE Appliances by 41% while reducing their cost per lead by 50%.

AI-Driven Insights from Phone Conversations with DialogAnalytics™ Pro

To truly move the needle with phone calls, DAC wanted more than metrics on the number of calls driven by their marketing. They wanted analytics on the actual conversations to measure the lead quality of each caller, their product interests, their call experience, and the call-to-appointment conversion rates.

So in 2018 DAC began using DialogTech’s AI-driven conversation analytics solution, DialogAnalytics Pro, to get marketing data from phone conversations at scale. “DialogTech’s AI provides a wealth of powerful insights from phone conversations. Instead of just seeing how many calls our keywords drive, we can now see how many sales conversions. We can see what percentage of calls from each source are sales leads specifically from out-of-warranty customers, what appliances they need repaired, if they converted to an appointment, and much more,” said Mabry.

“I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It’s enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments.”

Chuck Weaver
Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances

Using these new insights on phone conversations from AI, DAC now optimizes GE Appliances’s digital channels for what drives the most sales conversions. In just five months using DialogAnalytics Pro, DAC has further increased GE Appliances’s monthly volume of quality phone leads by 42% and their total sales-related calls by 41%.

Operational Insights from Calls Are an Eye-Opener

An additional benefit to the conversation analytics from DialogAnalytics Pro is the insights it gives DAC and GE Appliances on caller experiences at the call center. For example, using data from DialogTech’s AI they learned that:

  • Their IVR Was Too Long
    DialogAnalytics Pro showed that a high percentage of callers were hanging up during the IVR — it was taking consumers too long to navigate. By shortening the IVR, GE Appliances saw an immediate 50% decrease in abandoned calls and a 30% increase in sales leads as callers were being connected with agents faster.
  • Certain Calls Were Going Unanswered
    By analyzing unanswered call rates from each marketing source, DAC was able to detect instances where callers from a certain search campaign were being routed to an unmanned phone line. Correcting this issue eliminated wasted ad spend and helped connect hundreds of callers a week to a GE Appliances agent for assistance.

“The operational insights DialogTech’s AI provides are a real eye-opener,” said Mabry. “DialogTech’s reports help us detect and correct caller experiences issues impacting conversion rates. That data plays a critical role in improving our marketing ROI.”

“Our decade-long partnership with DAC has helped GE Appliances better service our customers and grow our business,” said Chuck Weaver, Senior Manager of Business Initiatives at GE Appliances. “I love the analytics on phone calls DialogTech provides and have already found several actionable cases in the data. It’s enabled us to find and correct issues with call handling costing us revenue, generate more of the right callers from our marketing, and better convert them to service appointments.”

Initial ROI with DialogTech's Call Attribution Data

increase in total leads
decrease in cost per lead

Additional ROI with DialogTech's AI-Driven Conversation Analytics

increase in monthly phone leads
Increase in total sales-related calls
  • GE Appliances uses digital marketing agency DAC to generate appointments for out-of-warranty repairs.
  • Most appointments are made over the phone, so they use DialogTech to measure how their marketing drives appointment calls and detect call center issues impacting conversion rates.
  • Initially, call attribution data from DialogTech’s SourceIQ helped DAC increase leads by 41% and cut CPL by 50%.
  • Then by adding AI-driven conversation intelligence from DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics Pro, DAC further increased phone leads by 41%.

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